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Communicate quickly and easily with these enhancementsBlog

Communicate quickly and easily with these enhancements

In this strange new age we’re living in, so many of our wonderful clients have needed to change the way they operate to ensure they are trading more safely and strongly in a coping-with-coronavirus world. From pre-appointment checks, to new cleaning and safety precautions for the team, and limits in waiting areas and appointment times – business owners are finding it hard to know where to start.
Clea Harbison
July 29, 2020
7 productive things to do while your business is closedBlog

7 productive things to do while your business is closed

When life gives you lemons you’ve gotta make lemonade, honey. Instead of fretting about what you might be losing and what you can’t control, it’s important to try and flip your focus to how you can progress your business and regain control. We have some great tips to help you on your way.
July 27, 2020
Reconnect with your clients to revive your businessBlog

Reconnect with your clients to revive your business

We know you might be playing a bit of catch-up with the clients who are banging down your doors and calling off the hook to make an appointment with you. But it’s the clients who are silent and aren’t hassling you for an appointment that are the ones you really need to focus on. So what are some easy ways you can start to spark that connection with your clients again?
Caitlin Adamson
July 10, 2020
Re-imagining a top shelf experience in the new normalBlog

Re-imagining a top shelf experience in the new normal

Wondering how you can adapt to be your best reinvented self in this new-normal world? There are so many things the new-normal changes in the client experience – from social distancing, to disposable Styrofoam coffee cups (yeah, we’re not a fan either). So how can you adapt to these new-normal changes – that feel a little strange right now – to continue to deliver the top-shelf experience you strive for?
Caitlin Adamson
July 3, 2020
How to adjust your salon marketing after COVID-19Blog

How to adjust your salon marketing after COVID-19

Give yourself one giant pat on the back honey, ‘cause you have just made it to the other side of the pandemic. But with that we need to dive head-first into adapting to the new-normal. One of those things being your salon marketing and giving it a little shake-up.
Caitlin Adamson
June 26, 2020
How SMS can help you sell MORE Online Gift Cards!Blog

How SMS can help you sell MORE Online Gift Cards!

When you’re trying to promote and SELL a new service or product, like Online Gift Cards, do you just choose one channel, cross your fingers and hope for results? Nope! One itty-bitty post to Instagram isn’t going to drive those sales all by its lonesome. It has to work with all the other powerful channels you have in your marketing toolkit to get you the results you’re envisioning.
Caitlin Adamson
June 23, 2020
How these top salons beat COVID-19 this weekBlog

How these top salons beat COVID-19 this week

While last week was grim and gloomy in the world of online bookings for our clients, the first few days of this week were BUSY… and things aren't slowing down. When we dug into the numbers we were seeing, we found some absolute 🌟 star performers 🌟. We asked them how they did it - and they told us. Find out how.
Clea Harbison
May 28, 2020
11 SMS Best Practice Tips from Message MediaBlog

11 SMS Best Practice Tips from Message Media

SMS marketing is one of THE most powerful forms of marketing in your toolkit. The pros at Message Media (AKA Shortcuts’ fab SMS provider) say that 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds. Heck, that’s quick! Straight from the horse’s mouth, we’re delivering all of Message Media’s best practice tips for sending effective SMS campaigns.
Caitlin Adamson
May 22, 2020
COVID Recovery Planning: Getting Back to BusinessBlog

COVID Recovery Planning: Getting Back to Business

When lockdowns end and hair and beauty businesses allowed to start operating somewhat normally, it’s time to get your ducks in a row so your business is ready for clients again. Begin by thinking of the things you have control over: cleaning the salon, communicating with your staff, and creating new sanitation processes. By giving yourself time to think about your re-opening plan, you will be able to focus on each key area of your business so you can reopen with a bang! Here are a few ideas to get you started.  1) Revise your COVID-safe plan  Reconsider your current COVID-safe plan and see if there are any improvements that could be made. Think about how you are going to sanitise stations, basins, waiting areas, in between clients, and the entire salon at the end of every day. It’s important to establish and maintain a consistent routine for you and your staff to prevent the risk of contamination within your salon.  In your Shortcuts Appointment Book, consider adding a finishing block titled "Sanitation" or "Sterilisation" if you haven't already. This should be booked after every service to allow a minimum of 15 minutes to clean your space in-between clients.  Plan…
Caitlin Adamson
May 18, 2020
Engaging ways to use SMSBlog

Engaging ways to use SMS

How many times a day do you hear the familiar ‘ping’ of a text message to your phone, only to find it’s AusPost updating you on the status of an order, or an online retailer letting you know about a sale? Nowadays, SMS is a common way for businesses to spread the word, and it’s important to keep your SMS campaigns engaging and novel so that they make your clients take notice.    Our top tips? Glad you asked.     Make it personal. Use personal information like client name or appointment data wherever possible. And remember to use your name! Feeling like they’re getting a text from a real person will make your client take notice.   Use shortened links. Sites like Bitly allow you to cut down on characters by shortening website URLs for you! Simply enter the webpage address you want to shorten, and insert the URL it produces into your text. Bingo!  Mix it up. Don’t send the same message and expect a different result. Try a few different types of SMS, and see what works for you!  Here’s some ideas for SMS campaigns you can start sending today:  If you’re open…  Remind clients you’re open – with so much uncertainty around the government restrictions, your clients may not even realise they can still visit your salon!   Reinforce what your…
Clea Harbison
April 27, 2020
7 ways to connect with clients while you’re closedBlog

7 ways to connect with clients while you’re closed

Even if your business isn’t trading (be it physically or online) it’s important to be regularly connecting with your clients. After all, you want them to be beating down your door once you re-open. We’ve pulled together 7 ways you can connect with your client base while you’re closed – that’s one for every day of the week. How convenient!
Clea Harbison
April 17, 2020
JobKeeper Payment: Your Questions, AnsweredBlog

JobKeeper Payment: Your Questions, Answered

The JobKeeper payment package has now passed through parliament. But what does it mean for salons, and how can you access it? We answer the questions on everyone’s minds – plus, give you some real-world examples of how it will work.
Clea Harbison
April 14, 2020
8 ways to promote your Rewards ClubBlog

8 ways to promote your Rewards Club

If you haven’t heard, Rewards Club is a feature that bring income to your business RIGHT NOW. You already have in your Shortcuts system and already paying for as part of your subscription. Rewards Club is a spend and save style program that guarantees immediate revenue for you, while giving additional value to loyal clients as a reward for paying upfront. And nope! It won’t cost you an arm and a leg!
Caitlin Adamson
April 6, 2020