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Announcing our Bundle Bonus!Blog

Announcing our Bundle Bonus!

We’ve got a stash of FREE SMS to give away! Any Shortcuts client with SMS bundles on their package will receive a Bundle Bonus of 400 free messages to use over and above your regular bundle limit.  
Clea Harbison
April 27, 2020
Announcing our Bundle Bonus!Blog

Engaging ways to use SMS

How many times a day do you hear the familiar ‘ping’ of a text message to your phone, only to find it’s AusPost updating you on the status of an order, or an online retailer letting you know about a sale? Nowadays, SMS is a common way for businesses to spread the word, and it’s important to keep your SMS campaigns engaging and novel so that they make your clients take notice.    Our top tips? Glad you asked.   Make it personal. Use personal information like client name or appointment data wherever possible. And remember to use your name! Feeling like they’re getting a text from a real person will make your client take notice.   Use shortened links. Sites like Bitly allow you to cut down on characters by shortening website URLs for you! Simply enter the webpage address you want to shorten, and insert the URL it produces into your text. Bingo!  Mix it up. Don’t send the same message and expect a different result. Try a few different types of SMS, and see what works for you!  Here’s some ideas for SMS campaigns you can start sending today:  If you’re open…  Remind clients you’re open – with so much uncertainty around the government restrictions, your clients may not even realise they can still visit your salon!   Reinforce what your precautions are –…
Clea Harbison
April 27, 2020
7 ways to connect with clients while you’re closedBlog

7 ways to connect with clients while you’re closed

Even if your business isn’t trading (be it physically or online) it’s important to be regularly connecting with your clients. After all, you want them to be beating down your door once you re-open. We’ve pulled together 7 ways you can connect with your client base while you’re closed – that’s one for every day of the week. How convenient!
Clea Harbison
April 17, 2020
JobKeeper Payment: Your Questions, AnsweredBlog

JobKeeper Payment: Your Questions, Answered

The JobKeeper payment package has now passed through parliament. But what does it mean for salons, and how can you access it? We answer the questions on everyone’s minds – plus, give you some real-world examples of how it will work.
Clea Harbison
April 14, 2020
8 ways to promote your Rewards ClubBlog

8 ways to promote your Rewards Club

If you haven’t heard, Rewards Club is a feature that bring income to your business RIGHT NOW. You already have in your Shortcuts system and already paying for as part of your subscription. Rewards Club is a spend and save style program that guarantees immediate revenue for you, while giving additional value to loyal clients as a reward for paying upfront. And nope! It won’t cost you an arm and a leg!
Caitlin Adamson
April 6, 2020
A win-win strategy to keep some cash flowing while you’re closedBlog

A win-win strategy to keep some cash flowing while you’re closed

There is a long-lost little feature that you have already in your Shortcuts system and are already paying for as part of your subscription that could earn you cash money quick smart. It’s a win-win idea designed to generate cash for you, while rewarding your clients when things return to normal (hopefully sooner rather than later!)
Caitlin Adamson
March 30, 2020
Must-have guide: Preparing to close your salon temporarilyBlog

Must-have guide: Preparing to close your salon temporarily

If you are facing the prospect of temporarily closing your doors, first of all remember that you are definitely not alone. Many salons and barbers are finding that the current COVID-19 pandemic is forcing them to take a temporary closure, and for most cases, it will mean the eventual re-opening when current pressures ease.
Clea Harbison
March 23, 2020
Surviving COVID-19: Business tips for your salonBlog

Surviving COVID-19: Business tips for your salon

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changes each day, we understand how much uncertainty you might be feeling right now. We wanted to collate some thought-provoking business tips that can give you something to focus on, form a strategic game plan, and hopefully progress your business at a time where you may feel it might try and run in the opposite direction.
Caitlin Adamson
March 20, 2020
Tough times bring communities togetherBlog

Tough times bring communities together

There's no doubt that the impacts of COVID-19 on our communities and the industry are already starting to appear, with some salons unable to order enough stock and clients cancelling appointments. Our thoughts are with all of you and we hope you’re safe and healthy.
Caitlin Adamson
March 18, 2020
Coping with COVID-19Blog

Coping with COVID-19

Hot topic for all the wrong reasons, Coronavirus is on everyone’s minds right now as outbreaks start to spread in Australia and New Zealand. While fighting over toilet paper isn’t going to get our countries anywhere fast in dealing with the pandemic, there’s a few things that will and businesses all over are putting in measures to cope with the spread of the virus.
Caitlin Adamson
March 16, 2020
Unique Hair Salon Advertising Examples to Boost Your BusinessBlog

Unique Hair Salon Advertising Examples to Boost Your Business

Coming up with unique hair salon advertising ideas isn’t always the easiest task when you’re a busy barber or salon owner on the run all day. But really there are so many different salon advertising ideas you can use to elevate your business and get in front of the right people at the right time.  
Caitlin Adamson
February 17, 2020