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Is this the end of the salon front desk? Shortcuts Blog
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Is this the end of the salon front desk?

In an industry where the latest insta trends are king, it’s no surprise that things in the hair and beauty world move fast. But unlike those frosted tips that you probably regretted two weeks later, this is one change you’ll be glad you made!
Apr / 23 / 2019
James Hanlon
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Removing the filter salon software blog
Blog / Building my business

Removing the filter: Managing guest expectations

The story goes like this: Your client walks in and sits down in the chair you’ve prepped for them. You make causal chit-chat as you cape them up. Then, they whip out their phone. You brace yourself as they bring up a photo they found on the ‘Gram or Pinterest and you feel your heart instantly sink.
Apr / 17 / 2019
Caitlin Adamson
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Stephen Arrizza Basin Haircutters Shortcuts Blog
Blog / Building my business

The secret to salon success with Basin Education’s Stephen Arrizza

Stephen Arrizza knows a thing or two about running a salon. Together with Co-owner Mandy Mattiske, Arrizza has launched Basin Education in a bid to share their knowledge with businesses across the country. Read on to discover Arrizza's secret to salon success.
Mar / 29 / 2019
Stephen Arrizza
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