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Preparing for the silly season with ShortcutsBlog

Preparing for the silly season with Shortcuts

2020 – what a year, right? With restrictions now easing in Victoria (happy dance for face-mask free treatments!) and the rest of Australia and New Zealand gearing up for the holidays, word on the street from our clients is that “every week is a Christmas week from now until the new year”. What that means for businesses is a chock-a-block appointment book, constantly crowded front desks and a roster that looks like a who’s-who of your team zoo – everyone on, all the time.
Clea Harbison
November 17, 2020
Cut the queues with Cardless CheckoutBlog

Cut the queues with Cardless Checkout

Cardless checkout is the new, Uber-style way of paying for an appointment. And she’s fancy. You know the convenience of catching an Uber? You sign up and enter in your card details once, and from then on you can catch Ubers wherever and whenever you like! Well, why should paying for a haircut or facial be any different? The answer – it shouldn’t!
Caitlin Adamson
November 16, 2020
A Tale of Two CitiesPodcasts

A Tale of Two Cities

Has the world of skincare boomed in lockdown or been cast aside by customers as a luxury expense? We chat to two clinic owners, James Vivian in Melbourne, and Anna Field of The Paddington Beauty Room in Sydney to find out.
James Hanlon
September 17, 2020
Contact tracing made easy with ShortcutsBlog

Contact tracing made easy with Shortcuts

Keeping track of the clients that come through your salon or barbershop is going to continue to be an important step in the nation’s recovery from COVID-19 – regardless of what stage of restrictions your state or country may be in. Everyone is so aware of the possibility of a second wave, like we’re starting to see in Victoria, so making sure you’re on top of contact tracing in your salon, spa or barbershop is a must.
Caitlin Adamson
August 27, 2020
Contact tracing for walk-in barbershopsBlog

Contact tracing for walk-in barbershops

Suddenly barbers all over Australia and New Zealand are scrambling to figure out how the heck to keep track of the clients walking through their doors when they’ve never taken appointments before. So what can you do ASAP to safeguard your business against COVID-19 and get your contact tracing requirements up to speed?
Caitlin Adamson
August 27, 2020