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12 tips to boost your revenue this Christmas

Christmas is the busiest time of year for most salons, with every man and their dog trying to book in to refresh their look before parties and events galore. You’re probably booked out before December even comes around, but just because your books are full doesn’t mean you can’t find more ways to rake in the moolah this holiday season.

We’ve pulled together 12 tips to help you boost your salons marketing over the craziest time of the year!

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1. Make gifting simple and move excess stock with gift packs

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to move some of that old product that’s been cluttering up your shelves too long. By bundling up some of your best-selling products with some of the worst – you can clear some space and move more stock.

Don’t forget to pretty them up with some cute packaging to make them into fab presents people will want to gift to their friends!

Did you know? You can use Shortcuts Bundle feature to combine products for sale together. And the Unbundle feature to split the packs back up again. Check out how to use Shortcuts Bundle feature here👈

Gift packs now available banner


2. Offer stocking stuffers

Offering a couple small products for sale by reception can be a great way to encourage impulse buys. You could try making an eye-catching display or filling a basket with little items and leaving it at the reception desk to catch your customers eye at checkout.


3. Create special experience package gift cards

Putting together a few special pamper packages with set services can feel more personalised than just giving a gift voucher with a dollar value, that way customers who normally balk at buying gift vouchers can feel like they are gifting an experience and not just another gift card.

Consider offering a few packages at different pricing tiers too for all budgets.

Did you know? You can add additional value when customers purchase over a set amount? For example, you could set up a promo like: ”spend over $100 on gift vouchers and get and get double the value”. Check out how to set up a double value gift card promo here.👈

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4. Schedule your social posts in advance

We know it’s crazy in the salon this time of year but the last thing you want to do is neglect your social feed. Save yourself the headache of remembering to post by scheduling promo posts NOW using Metas own publishing tool or a 3rd party scheduling software like Buffer or Hootsuite.

And remember to post plenty of content around the festivities at your salon! You can always chuck in a quick reminder that even though your fully booked, gift vouchers and product packs are still available. Just remember to keep it lite and not too salesy – your followers mostly want to see your smiling face having fun. 😊


5. Create product promos to sell more stock

People are already looking to buy gifts over the holiday period. Offering a promo or discount on your products in this period can be a great way to move more stock. If you want to go one step further consider making content or promotional posters with wording like “Great gift” or “Xmas gift ideas” to help make the promo more eye catching.

Did you know? When you use Shortcuts to set up Promos – the discount will flash up at point of sale. Some of the ways you can use this feature are: to give discounts on a service or product – offer a product as a bonus when a certain service is booked – or to get a discount on a later service when product is purchased. Check out how to use Shortcuts Promos here.👈


6. Don’t forget your email marketing

Setting up an email blast to your customers can be a great way remind your customers that even though you’re fully booked, you’ve still got some fab deals instore. Plus, an email sent a few days before xmas, can be an excellent way to target last-minute gift shoppers with a link to your online gift cards.

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7. Boost your social posts to increase gift card sales

While boosting posts year-round can be a bit of a hard sell for many small salons. In the lead up to major gifting holidays, it is well worth considering creating a few posts to sell your digital gift cards as the perfect “last minute” gift idea.

You can then easily add a few extra dollars to boost them which will help keep those posts front and centre on your clients’ news feeds.


8. Send one-off SMS messages

Your customers email inboxes are flooded right now, so sending a once-off marketing text to promote your gift cards or products can be a great way to get your message in front of their eyes. Just don’t overdo the SMS messages and wear out your welcome.

Click here to learn how to set up a one-off SMS campaign  👈


9. Don’t forget your in-salon marketing

Posters and sandwich boards are essential for snaring extra sales from passersby or those customers who were lucky enough to secure their December spot might decide to pick up a gift voucher or gift pack for a friend or family member on impulse fresh from their latest pampering. So don’t forget to leverage that market and make sure your offers are clear and visible.


10. Promote your online store

Not everyone wants to brave the December crowds. Promoting your online store can be a fab way to sell extra stock over the holiday period to time poor customers who would rather do their Christmas shopping from the comfort of their sofa.

Promote your online shop socials


11. Plan your New Years promos NOW

After the craziness of December, January in the salon can feel a bit like a ghost town. But it doesn’t have to be that way! When you have a spare moment away from the insanity, take a moment to consider your plans for the New Year. Do you want to offer a “New year new you!” Promo to get more people through your door in January? The time to think about it is NOW – so you are ready to go with your next campaign the moment the chaos subsides.

Book now for the new year banner


12. Keep selling right up to the last minute and beyond!

With digital gift cards set up you can keep selling gift vouchers right up to the last minute. There’s always someone needing a last minute gift for an aunt or friend they forgot were going to be at the family xmas party. That’s where you come in! A targeted campaign 2-3 days before Christmas emails can be a great way to score some last-minute gift voucher sales from those who left their shopping too late.

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