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4 tips to earn and churn while you’re asleep

We know you’re a wiz in the salon, but did you know there are ways you could be making money even when your salon’s closed? That’s right!  

So put your feet up, grab a glass of whatever you like to drink best and check out these fab tips to help you keep the money rolling in (literally) while you sleep. 

white cat sleeps under white comforterSet up an online store 

You probably already have your shelves stocked with fabulous products, so leveraging that existing stock seems like a no brainer. 

Setting up an online store is a quick and easy way to give clients the freedom to browse your products from their own home. They can stock up as soon as they need to, without making a special trip to the salon.  

If you don’t want to deal with packaging and shipping, you can always set up your shop for click-and-collect only – that way clients can order online and then quickly pop in store to grab their purchase at a time that suits them. 

If you haven’t got an online shop, check out this guide to getting set up with Shopify – it’s super simple! 

No Shopify? No worries. Try Facebook Marketplace, eBay, even Instagram! Make some imaginative packages to bundle up a few different products, or run a promotion like “Buy 2, get 1 free” to encourage customers to spend up. 

Sell gift cards online 

Making sure you have online gift cards set up can be a great way to draw passive income outside of business hours. Printable at home gift vouchers are a great way to snap up those last-minute present shoppers – there’s always someone remembering they forgot to buy Mum a gift at 10pm the night before her birthday brekkie.  

Promoting your gift cards leading up to big gifting holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Father’s Day can be another great way to snag those last-minute gift-buyers. In quiet periods, run special offers like an extra 20% value online gift cards to boost sales in the off season.  

And whatever you do, don’t forget to promote your online gift cards on your website and socials! 

Leverage your social media 

Maintaining an active presence on social media is a great way to keep your business at the forefront of your followers’ minds. You may wonder if posting those before and after photos is worth it, but any one of the fabulous WOW-worthy looks you post could be the trigger that makes your followers think “I want that!” and prompts them to book in.  

Remembering to take those happy snaps can be a struggle, so consider setting yourself a weekly target of 1-2 posts a week so you have a goal to work towards. But remember to keep your socials authentic and on-brand – your followers are much more likely to stay engaged when they see the real you shining through!  

And remember to mix things up! Breaking up your socials with a variety of other content (memes, quotes, offers, slice of life etc) is a great way to keep your followers engaged. 

For more ideas on what to post on social media, check out pixsalon for inspiration and imagery designed specifically for the salon industry. 

Set up online booking on your website and socials 

With more and more people opting to book online, businesses that don’t offer online booking run the risk of losing customers to competitors that do. Your clients want to make their booking, and they want it now! They aren’t always going to wait to book in your business hours. 

Plus, do you really want to keep dropping everything to dash to the phone all day? You could cut your daily booking calls in half simply by setting up online booking, allowing you more time to devote to the client already in your chair. 

And you’re in luck! Our new online booking platform has had a makeover and is now the most intuitive and revolutionary online salon booking experience. You can also add a “book now” button to your Facebook or Instagram profiles, so your clients can book directly from where they’re hanging out – on socials! 

In this online world, there are so many ways to make your business work harder – by incorporating a few or all of these tips, you can keep your appointment books fuller AND save yourself time. 

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