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Automated Marketing: Keeping the Conversation Rolling This Festive Season

Automated Marketing: Keeping the Conversation Rolling This Festive Season

Let’s face it, when you have a salon, spa or barber business to run you’re BUSY. With a capital B. And in the lead up to the holidays? Oooo honey, don’t even talk to me! You have a lot on your plate, juggling all the demands of your business in the festive period 🎄🍾, not to mention family, friends, and life in general. So wherever you can make your life easier, you’re going to be jumping on that opportunity, right?

The simplest way to make your life easier is to (drum roll please…🥁) automate. Seriously. Anything you can automate, just do it!

The good news is a lot of your marketing can be automated without compromising on effectiveness. It just means you can take your hands off the wheel and let your automated marketing do its thang. AKA. Get you more bookings for the new year, and keep in touch with your clients when you just don’t have the time! 🥳🥳

Why it’s so dang important ✅

Is marketing something you find falls to the wayside as soon as your day gets busy? Yep. What this means though, is you’re emailing your clients haphazardly and you’re not reaching them at timely points in their customer journey with you that’s going to drive action from them i.e. A revisit.

Automated marketing helps you keep the conversation going. In essence, automated marketing is all about nurturing your leads and customers with super personalised content designed to drive action. Whether this action becomes a booking, or just a reminder so that they remember to show for their appointment (and not cost your valuable time and money), it’s all important and achievable when you get strategic and automated with your marketing.

On top of that there’s all the brand-awareness-goodness and time saving phews. But let’s dive into it a lil more.

Maintain timely conversations 🕐

Catch a client at the right time is GOLD. They will be so much more likely to take action when you kick-start timely marketing conversations with them. Think about appointment acknowledgements and reminders, rebooking reminders, time to see you again campaigns, new clients welcomes, and even happy birthday and holiday messages. Imagine if you had to send all of these MANUALLY. You just wouldn’t bother! 😴 And let’s face it, you have bigger fish to fry in the lead up to the holidays.

They’re all super crucial conversations you need to be having with your clients at the very right moment, and by automating them, you’re ensuring they get out and strike while the irons hot. Ultimately it will help with your rebookings, reducing no-shows, increasing visit frequency, and reinforcing your brand in the eyes of your clients.

Save time and money 💸

We all need more time and money. Imagine what you would do with all those extra hours and money in your pocket! Automating your marketing gives you the power to do just that. Once you set up your campaigns, add in the copy and imagery you want, and schedule them on your desired time frames, all they need to do is just tick away in the background while you get back to the important stuff.

If your salon manager, team member, or even an agency manages this marketing for you, then it’s an instant cost save and much more friendly on the bank card. Cutting down the time it takes to send your marketing manually saves you much needed cash on the resources it takes to make your marketing happen. Winner!

Build your brand 💇‍♀️

We all know just how important branding is for building brand awareness and recognition in your clients. You want to stay front of mind and cut through the noise and clutter that happens in marketing today.

So many other brands are out there, trying to be seen and heard by YOUR clients. So keeping in touch with them on a regular basis will not only help you stay front of mind, but help you reinforce that relationship you’ve worked so hard to build. This is particularly important around this time of year, when you’ll see plenty more guests who are coming in for one-off holiday services if they’re usual salon is fully booked. If you wow them enough, they could be converted to a returning client of yours!

How you can kick-start your automated marketing 💫

We know what a busy bunch you are, which is why our whiz bang development team designed a super easy to use, and ready to go marketing tool which you can use to automate your communications. It makes marketing as simple as possible for your business without compromising on the impact.

Marketing comes with pre-designed email templates that are best practice and tick all the boxes when it comes your essential campaigns. It enables you to send effective email and SMS campaigns designed to connect with your clients and drive action.

The templates include all of your marketing must-haves, including:

  • No-show follow-ups
  • Appointment acknowledgements
  • Happy Birthday campaigns
  • New client welcomes
  • Referral thank-yous
  • New guest welcomes, and
  • Time to see you again reminders.

The Marketing templates come ready-made with copy written by professional copy writers, banner images, and even offers. All you need to do when you first log in to Marketing is have a look over the templates and activate them if you’re happy! Otherwise a quick edit to make them suit you even more will do the trick and you’ll be on your way!

That’s it! Your marketing is now automated – wowee, what an AMAZING feeling right?!

👉You can check out more about Marketing and how to get started with it today, right here!👈

Get in quick and spend just one day setting them up properly, so you can get back to the salon floor this busy season while your automated marketing does the heavy lifting for you!

If you want to learn more about the Marketing feature and how it works, check out this online classroom!

Caitlin Adamson

Caitlin Adamson is a passionate creative and analytical thinker who brings her love for the written word to the marketing world. She brings her fresh outlook to the Shortcuts team and strives to create strategic and engaging collateral to help salons, spas, clinics and barbers to tackle their business endeavours with confidence.