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5 ways to make a lasting impression with email + SMS salon marketing

A business owners’ greatest nightmare is to be forgettable. So how can you, as a savvy business owner, shape your memorable, edgy and creative-selves to form a lasting impression?

Well, have we got a hot tip for you… The answer is to harness the power of email and SMS marketing to make yourselves unforgettable! It’s a golden tactic that will bring clients through your door faster than you can say “yes please!”

Keen to know how? Let’s get stuck into it!

5 ways to make a lasting impression with email + SMS salon marketing

1. Create strong relationships

It’s no surprise that the secret to making your business better than ever is to build and maintain strong, lasting relationships with clients. And that means both when they’re in and out of the salon. While it can be easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day, it’s the clients who aren’t sitting in your chair that need the greatest attention…

So how can you reach out and grab it?

Email and SMS marketing may not be the new whiz kid on the block in the digital marketing world, but gosh are they effective. Why? Because you’re contacting your client DIRECTLY. Unlike other marketing channels, email and SMS marketing gives you the unique opportunity to get granular with your segmentation and contact clients that need specific, timely communications to build those essential long-term relationships.

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2. Start conversations

Timing is everything when it comes to engaging with your clients and encouraging them to take action. By sending timely messages such as appointment acknowledgements, rebooking reminders, new client welcomes, and even special occasion messages like birthday or holiday greetings, you’re showing your clients that you care about them and their needs. These targeted messages can be the key to building long-term relationships with your clients and keeping them coming back for more.

Let’s focus on the power of rebooking reminders for a moment. Imagine how beneficial it could be for your business to send a targeted message to clients who haven’t visited in three months. With Shortcuts’ email and SMS salon marketing feature, you can easily set up an automated campaign to do just that.

By sending a friendly “time to see you again” message, you’ll be engaging with these clients at just the right time to encourage them to book their next appointment. Trust us, a targeted and timely salon marketing campaign like this will make all the difference in keeping your clients coming back for more.

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3. Add personal flair

Have you ever received an email that had your name in the subject line or within the email itself? It immediately piques your interest, right? That’s because people love to feel like they’re being spoken to directly. By adding that personal touch, you can foster a deeper connection with your clients.

Shortcuts Marketing makes it easy to personalise your messages using merge fields like the first name field. You can include your clients’ names in the subject line of an email or in the body of a text message, adding that little personal flair that makes all the difference.

4. Promote yourself

When you have the chance to connect with your customers directly, it’s a great time to highlight your business and offer special deals to those who are most likely to be interested. With Shortcuts Marketing, you have the power to set up automated birthday campaigns that send emails and SMS messages to your clients on their special day.

You could even include a personalised voucher or offer that they can redeem during their birthday month on their next visit to your salon. This is a great way to make your customers feel valued and keep them coming back for more. Ka-ching!

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5. Build your brand

Last, but certainly not least, don’t underestimate the power of email and SMS marketing when it comes to building your brand and maintaining a strong relationship with your clients. These direct marketing channels provide you with an opportunity to tell your brand story and reinforce your brand values.

By personalising your communications, promoting special offers, and building your brand, you can create a lasting impression with your clients and keep them coming back for more. With Shortcuts Marketing, you have access to a suite of powerful and user-friendly tools to help you create effective email and SMS salon marketing campaigns that speak directly to your clients.

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