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Four Shortcuts features you might have missed

Shortcuts is constantly releasing new fab features to make your life in the salon even easier. Since we know how busy the day-to-day can be, its easy to understand if some of them may have passed you by. So let’s step back for a second and take a moment to marvel at some of the features you may have missed.

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1. Cloud Appointment Book

It’s been our game-changing feature, and we certainly haven’t kept the news to ourselves. Our Cloud Appointment Book has been making waves for those who are using it. So why are we loving it so much?

This feature helps you work with a new flexibility that suits you. Since you can access the Cloud Appointment Book from any internet-enabled device, like your smartphone or tablet, you can tap into it anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re working from home and want to see how things are going at the salon, or on the go running errands and need to check in.

Another massive bonus is it enables you to rebook your clients while they’re still lounging in the chair, or from the privacy of a treatment room. You can enter their new appointment into the Cloud Appointment Book from your smartphone or tablet, and it will sync with all your devices in an instant.

We could seriously go on, but if you do want to learn more, you can check it out here. 👈

2. Loyalty in the app

Loyalty in the App is your clients’ gateway to their loyalty program from the Mobile Guest App. It lets them sign up to your loyalty program directly from the app, or synch their existing loyalty account with the app by scanning their card.

This nifty little feature also lets your guests to see their points and rewards balance whenever they like, directly from their smartphone. Providing this visibility is will help give them a nudge to book their next appointment, so they can continue to earn points to redeem on their fave products and services.

This feature is also a win for the planet, because your loyalty program can now be 100% digital, baby! That’s right, you can choose to kiss goodbye to plastic loyalty cards forever.

Your guests won’t need to rifle through their wallets to find their loyalty card in a sea of plastic, and you won’t need to fork out hard-earned cash on printing loyalty cards that ultimately end up meeting their fate at the bottom of a jam-packed handbag.

A digital loyalty program will save everyone time at the reception desk, as you won’t need to process sign-ups in the salon, and your guests will get a quicker, smoother check-out experience. Cha-ching!

👉Click here to check out how Loyalty in the app works.

3. Upfront payments

Powered by Stripe, upfront payments is the number one feature here to help you banish no-shows for good. When unreliable clients could potentially cost your business up to $15,000 a year, you have to bring in the big guns to guard yourself against the audacity of people who don’t show up.

Upfront payments works by securing a partial or full payment for a client’s appointment at the time they book. It’s easy to use for your clients too. They only need to enter their details once – Stripe will safely save their payment details to be used next time for an easy-breezy booking process.

By taking payment when a client books, you can at least cover your costs in case they do decide to flake, but in reality it will most likely just keep them honest. Since they have already committed their hard-earned cashola to the service, they’re going to be much more likely to show up for their glow up.

Want to know how to set up Upfront payments? Click here to check it out. 👈

4. Online Booking

Online Booking is no new face in the Shortcuts suite, but it happens to be one of our favourite features that deserves a little more limelight. If you want to secure bookings long after you and your team have locked up for the night, then Online Booking is a must. You can even add a “BOOK NOW” button to your social media profiles, so while your clients are kicking back in their fluffy pyjamas and scrolling through the ’gram, they can also be booking in that facial they deserve.

Online Booking is super easy for your clients to use too. All they need to do is visit your website, or click the link in your Facebook or Instagram profile, and follow the prompts in Online Booking to book an available appointment slot. Once you log in to your Appointment Book in the morning, you’ll see the new appointment there in the standard “needs approval” yellow.

👉Click here to get your Online Booking set up today!

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