Your business, re-imagined

Your imagination is the limit with the Cloud Appointment Book from Shortcuts. It provides a new flexibility to work the way that suits you, and to focus on the things that really matter.

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Re-think your ability to achieve of work/life balance with the new Cloud Appointment Book from Shortcuts.

This beautifully-designed feature lets you access your most-loved Appointment Book features when you’re at home, out and about, or in the salon.

There’s no better way to stay in touch with what’s going on in your business and, most importantly, to switch off when you need to.

A flawless guest experience

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect guest experience. One where your guests feel loved, listened to, and unrushed as they enjoy the unique experience you have on offer.

You show them straight to the comfort of the chair the moment they arrive, and reach for the smartphone in your pocket to check them in.

You view their history and provide a consultation without leaving their side. And once their service is done, you book them in for their next appointment without disruption.

The Cloud Appointment Book enables all of this, and more.

Sounds awesome!

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“The Cloud Appointment Book lets me access all the features I need, wherever I am. It’s so easy to use and gives me the flexibility to work while I’m on the go.

“We have built our business on our ability to provide a great guest experience and build relationships with our guests. If I bump into them down the street or they contact me while I’m out, the Cloud Appointment Book lets me book them in for their next appointment straight away.”

Kieron Lowry, Co-owner, UniquePHD

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