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We have put together a live COVID-19 resource hub with information that’s important for businesses, how-to videos, and a communication kit to make communicating to your clients easier at this time.

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Lockdown Checklist

Facing a snap lockdown and need to close your business ASAP? Here’s a checklist of all the things you need to do in Shortcuts to prepare to close your business.

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Re-Opening Checklist

Have you just received the best news a business could ask for during this pandemic? If you’re ready to re-open your doors after a lockdown period, here’s a checklist of all the things you’ll need to do in shortcuts to get your business back up and running.

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Communication Kit

A handy communication kit with email and SMS templates, copy examples and images for you to use, social posts, and tips to help you communicate any updates about COVID-19 to your clients.

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How-to Videos

Watch as Shortcuts Educator, Jonny, shows you how to perform some useful actions, like sending an SMS or email to your clients. We will continue to update these videos in the coming days.

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NSW: Guide to reopening your salon

It’s finally starting to happen NSW! A glimmer of hope after a very, very challenging time for the state. With the government now starting to talk about potential reopening dates for hair, beauty and barbershops, we bet you’re on the edge of your seats and keen to start getting ready to get back to it! Here are a tonne of things you can do in Shortcuts to get ready for the big day.

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How customers are coping during lockdown

To all our Shorties in lockdown right now, our heart goes out to you and your team and we are here to help you get through this incredibly tough time. To inspire you in a time that feels so uncertain, we have looked to some of our own – our Shortcuts heroes who are pushing forward in the face of adversity.

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9 ways to maintain your emotional wellbeing in lockdown

In one of the most uncertain times we’ve ever found ourselves in, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us all with emotional stresses we’re not used to. Here are 9 ways you can take care of your mental health and emotional wellbeing during lockdowns. 

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Being kind in hard times

There are so many people across Australia and New Zealand in extended lockdowns right now and many who are struggling, so to help lift your spirits, here are a few of our favourite ways people can show kindness in hard times.

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What the government’s support packages in each state mean for your business

Many of the states, regardless of whether you’re currently in lockdown or have just come out of a lockdown, have support packages available for eligible businesses – yep even your salon, spa or barber shop!

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Must-have guide: Preparing to close your salon temporarily

If you are facing the prospect of temporarily closing your doors, first of all remember that you are definitely not alone. Many salons and barbers are finding that the current COVID-19 pandemic is forcing them to take a temporary closure. We’re here to help you get through this! There are a few things that you can do now, to make your eventual re-opening much easier.

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Surviving COVID-19 – Business tips for your salon

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changes each day, we understand how much uncertainty you might be feeling right now. We wanted to collate some thought-provoking business tips that can give you something to focus on, form a strategic game plan, and hopefully progress your business at a time where you may feel it might try and run in the opposite direction.

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7 productive things to do while your business is closed

When life gives you lemons you’ve gotta make lemonade, honey. Instead of focusing all of your energy on stressing over the COVID-19 impacts, channel that energy into progressing your business in other ways.

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Our fool-proof strategy to keep some cash flowing while you’re closed

There is a long-lost little feature that you have already in your Shortcuts system and are already paying for as part of your subscription that could earn you cash money quick smart. It’s a win-win idea designed to generate cash for you, while rewarding your clients when things return to normal (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

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5 genius ways Shortcuts clients are making money!

We’ve hit the (virtual) pavements and rounded up just a few of the creative ways our Shortcuts community are making money while their businesses are closed. Who knows – one of these could be the pot of gold you’re chasing!

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9 ways to keep your team busy and motivated

Now is a great time to re-energise your staff and set some little projects to keep morale up. We’ve collated some of the things we think would be great for your teams to spend some time on – and we’ve even got some we can help you with!

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COVID recovery planning: Getting back to business

We are FINALLY starting to see the light at the end of the very long COVID-tunnel. With hair and beauty businesses allowed to start operating somewhat normally, it’s time to get your ducks in a row so your business is ready for clients again if you did close…

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Sort out your Instagram with this FREE health check!

Instagram is a fantastic platform to promote your work, communicate with clients and build your community during these uncertain times. This FREE Instagram Health Check will help you set up your Instagram the right way so you can start building a loyal community of followers and clients.


8 ways to promote your Rewards Club

If you haven’t heard, Rewards Club is a feature that bring income to your business RIGHT NOW. You already have in your Shortcuts system and already paying for as part of your subscription. Rewards Club is a spend and save style program that guarantees immediate revenue for you, while giving additional value to loyal clients as a reward for paying upfront. Once you’ve got your Rewards Club set up and ready to go, it’s time to start promoting it. Here’s how!

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Tough times bring communities together

When times get tough, we’re reminded of just how important it is to band together and support each other – just as we would in an environmental disaster like the recent bush fires. Already we’ve seen the community – and the world – do some amazing things to lift spirits and unify against a common issue. And we want to see more of it!

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How to adjust your salon marketing after COVID-19

With that we need to dive head-first into adapting to the new-normal. One of those things being your salon marketing and giving it a little shake-up. Find out how.

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Webinar: Fill your appointment book with this post-Covid power duo!

Are you wondering how you can best prepare to open your doors to clients (and their next-level regrowth) as Coronavirus restrictions ease around the country? With the Government’s announcement of a three stage plan to return to some normalcy post-Covid-19, beauty salons, spas and barbershops will be allowed to re-open.

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11 best practice SMS tips from Message Media

SMS marketing is one of THE most powerful forms of marketing in your toolkit. The pros at Message Media (AKA Shortcuts’ fab SMS provider) say that 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds. Heck, that’s quick! Here are all of Message Media’s best practice tips for sending effective SMS campaigns.

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We interviewed our resident Google guru, Naomi!

We sat down with our little resident Google guru, Naomi, to chat about how you can leverage the power of Google to communicate with your clients and establish your online presence.

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