Changing SMS confirmation text

Watch as Jonny shows how to change the text that appears in your client confirmations – plus, where to find some SMS templates created for you.

Add a time block to clean

Jonny shows you how to add a block of time to every appointment for sanitisation, to comply with government regulations.

Send an SMS

Here are the different ways you can send an SMS to your clients with Shortcuts.

Send a blast to your database

Watch and learn how to use Shortcuts Marketing to send an email or SMS blast to your database.

Cancellation Lists

Watch and learn how to pull a list of cancelled appointments so you can easily contact your clients to reschedule.

Disable Online Bookings

Whether you are preparing for a shutdown or just prefer your clients to book via phone, here’s how to turn off your Online Booking functionality.

Create a Targeted Group

Whether you want to market to no-shows or clients you haven’t seen in a while, watch and learn how to create a targeted group of clients to communicate with.

Send a targeted email

Once you’ve created a targeted list (see previous video) here’s how to send them an email.

Send a targeted SMS

Once you’ve created a targeted list (see video above) here’s how to send them an SMS.