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Checklist: What to do if you suddenly need to close your business

Has a lockdown been announced, meaning you have to close your salon with only a few hours notice? Here’s all the things you need to do in Shortcuts to prepare!

Send a targeted campaign to clients with an appointment

When a lockdown is announced, one of the first things you need to do is reach out to your clients who have a future booking with you. You can do this by sending a targeted campaign to clients with an appointment booked in a date range of your choosing. Watch the video to find out how!

Disable online bookings & SMS Confimations

When you don’t know how long your business will have to be closed for, it’s a good idea to disable your online bookings and automated SMS confirmations. Watch this video to learn how to do both! P.S. You will still be able to send an SMS manually if you need to.

Use the cloud to disable online bookings & SMS Confimations

If you can’t get to the salon, don’t stress because you can still disable online bookings and SMS confirmations from the Shortcuts Cloud Appointment Book. Please keep in mind, your Shortcuts salon computer must be on and connected to the internet for Cloud Appointment Book to connect properly.

Create a cancellation list

Watch and learn how to pull a list of cancelled appointments so you can easily contact your clients to reschedule.

Contact your clients

There’s a few ways you can contact your clients in Shortcuts! Whether you want to send an SMS or email, send a targeted campaign, or reach out to your whole database – Shortcuts can help you do it all! Learn how in the quick videos below.



Media Posts

Send an SMS

Here are the different ways you can send an SMS to your clients with Shortcuts. We have a few ready to use SMS templates which you can use as well!

Send a blast to your database

Watch and learn how to use Shortcuts Marketing to send an email or SMS blast to your database.

Create a Targeted Group

Whether you want to market to no-shows or clients you haven’t seen in a while, watch and learn how to create a targeted group of clients to communicate with.

Send a targeted email

Once you’ve created a targeted list (see previous video) here’s how to send them an email.

Send a targeted SMS

Once you’ve created a targeted list (see video above) here’s how to send them an SMS.

Update your social media

Last, but certainly not least, is to make sure you update your social media followers by adding a post notifying them you will be closing and any other messages you want to communicate. We’ve created a bunch of ready to go social media posts for you to use. Click the link below to view and download now!

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