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Why you should start dating your clients

Why you should start dating your clients

February is the most romantic month of them all, making now the perfect time to make your guests fall head over heels for your brand, your salon and most importantly, you! Try treating your guests in the same way you would a Valentine’s date (minus the nervous jitters beforehand!). Go the extra mile to give them something extra special and you’ll be sure to win their hearts.

Be my Valentine

The ultimate date takes more than a little planning, so you will need to start romancing your guests before they have even walked through the door. Make sure it’s easy for them to arrange their date with you by letting them book online when and where it suits them. Give them something to look forward to, and build up the anticipation with an SMS confirmation a few days beforehand (here’s how) – you could even offer them a Valentine’s Day special at the same time.

Getting to know you

As with any relationship, it’s important to spend the time getting to know your guest. When they first arrive take a look back through their visit notes (here’s how) and remind yourself of their usual products and services. Refresh your memory with any personal details you wrote down after their last visit and get the small talk flowing; for example, if you know their daughter was getting married, ask them how the wedding went. Your guest will be touched that you remembered, and you’ll be able to woo them with your incredible conversation skills!

Treasured memories

A few snapshots are a great way to remember your time together and show off to the world how much you dig each other’s company. Now, we are not talking selfies of the two of you together (although by all means go ahead if that strikes your fancy), we mean before and after shots (here’s how). These are a great way to make sure your guest feels fantastic, and are an important reference for you to use the next time they visit. You can also use them on your social media pages to attract new guests (not that you’re thinking of cheating at all!).

Let’s stay in touch

Since the date is going so well, it’s time to schedule your next rendezvous! Use a tablet or smartphone to book them in for their next visit while they are still relaxing in the chair (here’s how), to avoid the hassles of queuing at the front desk. After they have left, jot down a few notes and save their before and after shots so you’re ready for your next date. And don’t forget to send them a quick note letting them know what a great time you had, and asking for their thoughts on their experience.

Are you ready to show your clients some love this month?