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Survive storm season with these essential tips

Survive storm season with these essential tips

As storm clouds gather, lightning strikes and fires burn, there’s no better time to give you all the best tips for keeping your computer safe and sound. Not to mention the data on it!

Read on to learn how to keep your salon software safe.

1. Back your computer up regularly

Your computer should be backed up daily, so you’ll never feel the effects of lost data if something does go wrong. Even just one day of last data can take a toll on your business, as you will have no record of the bookings made in that time, what they were for, or who they were with. Eeek!

If a storm is forecast or you receive a fire warning, take a backup of your salon data so you won’t lose a thing, even if your computer is impacted. It takes just one minute each day to back up your computer, so it’s so easy to work into your current end of day routine.

When you do back up your computer, make sure to save to to an external hard drive so our helpful support team can add it onto a new computer if yours is impacted at all. Make sure to take it with you when you leave the salon for that extra level of safety.

Watch this quick video on how to backup your data. 

2. Unplug your computer

You may have heard that you need to turn your computer off when a storm hits, but did you know you also need to unplug it from the wall? Yep, a power surge can destroy your computer and all the data on it in just one second, which is why it’s so important to disconnect it from power.

Your data is so much more valuable to your business both short and long term than just one night of missed online bookings.

3. When in doubt, print it out

Going old school is a fail-safe way to ensure the safety of your salon, spa or barbershop. If a storm is forecast and you’re worried you might lose power, it’s so easy to just print out all of the essentials so you can keep your business running.

You can easily print out your day sheets to so you can keep up with your day to day running of the salon without descending into chaos.

Printing our your price list is another great way to prepare for when the power goes out, especially when you offer an extensive range of product and services. You can do this via the service breakdown with levels report in your Shortcuts system. This way your team can check out your clients and charge them the correct amount.

The last thing you can do for a power outage is make sure you have a cash box that can be manually opened and doesn’t rely on a computer to open it. That way you can still check out your clients and make transactions without needing to chase them up later!

4. Move your computer

If there is any chance of your salon flooding, make sure to raise your computer up high. A table top should be fine, but as high up as you can is always best!

If there is a chance your salon will be affected by natural disaster, like a flood or fire, you can always take your computer with you – but only if it’s safe to do so!

If you have any questions about keeping your computer and data safe in storm season, feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 Helpdesk team on 1300 667 374.