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Jo’s top social media tips for 2020

Jo’s top social media tips for 2020

In 2019, I intertwined myself in the world of social media and have learned so much in this journey. We’ve entered a brand-new decade, and blowing a big fat goodbye-kiss to the twenty-tens has never felt easier. To kick-off the new year, let’s set our sights on the mammoth social media trends we’re going to see in the roaring 20’s. Trust me, these are the 2020 social media trends you don’t want your competitors to find out.

Look beyond the likes

Last year, Instagram and Facebook did something that SHOOK the internet to its core. They removed likes and everyone lost their marbles. Removing likes was spurred on by a debate that people relied on likes for self-validation and that it was detrimental to mental health. Fair call.

To measure engagement in 2020, turn your focus to your insights and measure your engagement based on comments, shares and saves. Instagram is about finding a lane for your brand and creating engaging content. Gorgeous images with thought-provoking, save-worthy captions will become crucial for posts, while less permanent channels, like Stories, is the perfect place for hair shots and behind the scenes footage.

Encourage a time-out

With a microscope on the effects of social media on mental health and self-validation in 2020, it’s important to remind clients how you can actually help with their mental wellness – not hurt it.

People will be looking for ways to get off social media and use their phone less – focusing more on real interactions with the people around them. Seize this opportunity to promote self-care through your salon. Through your own social media, encourage clients to take a break from social for time in your chair.

Leverage influencers

Clients are bombarded by invasive advertising, so leveraging influencers that can sing your praises for you is priceless! Influencers don’t need to have 10M followers to have an impact. It’s actually micro-influencers and your very own clients that will have the greatest influence for your barber or salon – bringing their small yet authentic and fiercely loyal following to you. They’re also way cheaper than a paid ad campaign and deliver great results. What’s not to love?!

User-generated content is going to soar sky high in 2020 as brands tell their authentic stories through their customers. Look at how your clients are feeling when they walk out your door and leverage that genuine emotion for user-generated content they can share and tag on their social platforms. This gives you validation by virtue of social proof.

Hone-in on location targeting

Location-targeting in 2020 is a must if you want to attract an online audience that can walk through your doors. Your potential clients are searching on Instagram for an amazing new barber, salon or spa and hunting for those gorgeous hair shots (it could be them sitting in the chair soon after all!)

Make sure you’re there when clients are searching for you by adding your location to posts and using location hashtags in captions and stories. Remember, people are searching more like they used to on Google – searching for hashtags like #sydneysalon #brisbanebarber #melbournelaserclinic

Customers in communities

The king of social media has spoken! Zuckerberg has said that future of social interaction is Facebook Groups. He’s said it’s all about creating meaningful communities and transitioning the ground-breaking social platform from a “town square” of public news to a “living room” of more personal interactions and conversations.

Go live!

Short, temporary content will continue its rise in popularity and dominate the social media world in the roaring 20’s. Live content is seen as more authentic, easier to digest, and easier to show off your winning brand personality!

It’s more important than ever to make sure you’re using Stories on the fly and Instagram Live to connect with your clients as well as your posts.

And our very last tip for 2020? Keep an eye on any emerging platforms, like TikTok, and evaluate if they’re a good fit for your salon. Those kids on TikTok will be paying clients before you know it!