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Six steps to get set for the festive season

Six steps to get set for the festive season

The festive season is just around the corner – in fact you’re probably already feeling the pressure!

To help ease you into the festive frenzy, we’ve created this quick and easy checklist to help you get set for the silly season.

1. Create gift packs

Your clients want an easy way to spoil their loved ones at Christmas time. Help them give them that extra special something with a variety of gorgeous gift packs from Manly Man Company that will suit everyone’s tastes.

The most effective way to turn this into profits is to pair up your slow-moving products with some of your best-sellers to create gifts that are just too good to resist – and are an absolute steal.

Wrap the products in cellophane, tie it up with a lovely ribbon, add a card, and voila – gift packs that you and your clients will love!

2. Promote gift cards

Beautifully designed gift cards that integrate with your point of sale system are the perfect investment over the festive season – after all, they have the power to bring new clients to your salon and boost your income at the same time!

The best way to make sure you get plenty of bang for your investment buck is to coach your team to talk about your super-convenient gift cards to every client they serve. This little touch will go a long way in helping you maximise your festive promotions!

3. Spread the good cheer

Once you’ve decided on your Christmas specials, start planning how you will promote your amazing deals across as many platforms as you can.

There are so many simple and affordable ways to get your message out there. Try digital marketing including SMS, email and social media and in-salon signage. You could even partner with local businesses and cross-promote your special offers.

4. Thank your clients

Reward your most loyal clients with a little something extra this year.

To ramp up excitement levels, send a personalised email to your top clients with an exclusive post-Christmas offer that will keep them hooked in the New Year.

You could also treat your favourite clients to a VIP event to make them feel super-special, and where you can showcase your team’s talents with one-off deals and offers.

5. Treat your team

Your team can make or break your business success, so it’s super important to make them feel appreciated. Team members who feel well-rested, cheerful and valued will help you get the best from them even when they’re flat out.

So, how can you boost morale even during the festive season? Try and create an atmosphere that is fun and supportive, and give everyone some time off to spend with friends and family.

Little gifts can go a long way, too – think a nice bottle of wine or gift certificate for their favourite clothing brand.

6. Remind your clients

With so many things on their Christmas to-do list (turkey, check; a present for your brother-in-law’s sister’s new boyfriend, check), even your most loyal clients may forget to show up for their appointment.

To jog their memory and make sure you’re not wasting precious time, send them a friendly reminder via an automated SMS or email and let them confirm right there and then.