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ShortcutsPay: The Priceless Value of Complete Payment Integration

Ever been so flat-out in the salon you’ve rushed a client’s checkout, accidentally keying in $10 instead of $100 – uh oh! You just lost $90 on the transaction and your client’s already zipped out the door? #Awkies! Don’t worry we’ve all been there before…it’s a common mistake that happens more than you think in the salon industry. 

Good news for you, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes on a fully integrated payment solution to rid your salon of these frustrating transactions known as transposition errors. 

So, without further ado… introducing ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal, an easy-to-use payments solution that makes in-salon payments a breeze and lets you manage all your clients’ payments from within the Shortcuts platform. 

Eliminate transposition errors forever (aka saving you $$$) 

Transposition errors? Huh? Yep, you guessed it! That’s the fancy accounting term for when someone in your salon wrongly enters the payment amount into the terminal, costing your business big bucks $$$. 

When a client has been incorrectly charged this can cause quite a drama and scene in the salon, especially if the client argues they should have been charged correctly the first time or worse…they’ve already left the premises 😱. 

Transposition errors can also show up when you overcharge the client for a service and need to quickly issue a refund on the spot. Not a good look for your business when you have to make a client awkwardly wait by the counter for their money back. 

Banishing transposition errors from your salon will save you time, money and stress… tenfold! Thankfully with ShortcutsPay you will never have to worry about this issue ever again. 

In-salon payments just got silky smooth 

Our ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal saves your salon, spa or barbershop from transposition errors by fully integrating with your Shortcuts system, which means no more manually keying in payment amounts, and less risk of pesky errors that cost you money (and time).  

When you go to checkout a client, you can have complete confidence that the amount within Shortcuts will match the amount on the terminal.  

This integration will save your business hundreds in costly transposition errors. 

Streamline your checkout process 

In a digitised world, clients are now more than ever accustomed to quick and efficient checkouts, therefore it’s vital to streamline and make your checkout process as quick as possible. 

With ShortcutsPay you will no longer need to total the final payment amount then key in the amount while making your client wait in the process. 

Our new solution streamlines the checkout experience, Shortcuts Software and your integrated payment terminal will now seamlessly work together to display the final payment amount on the terminal – no more keying.  

All a client has to do is tap or insert their card to pay and be on their merry way, no more waiting! 

Be confident in your cashflow 🤑 

Since ShortcutsPay eliminates the need for manually inputting terminal payments, you no longer need to worry about recovering lost charges or refunds.  

Now have peace of mind knowing that your business’ revenue is completely reconciled with your Shortcuts software and is all yours.   

Make End of Day a breeze 

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is rack your brain as to why your End of Day settlement isn’t adding up – you don’t have time for that!  

It’s time to stress less, because now you have total confidence when completing your End of Day that your terminal transactions are accurate and will match the transactions through Shortcuts. 

Using terminals from your banks means they aren’t integrated with your salon software, which means any transaction errors throughout the day will throw off your numbers at the End of Day settlement. What a nightmare! 

Reduce your supplier relationships 

The best part about ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal?  

The next level service you receive! Not only will it cut your supplier relationships in half (bye-bye banks!), you will have the smooth sailing experience of having a single point of contact.  

On top of all that goodness, local support teams who have your back are irreplaceable, especially when they can help solve a chargeback dispute in a jiffy. 

Why you’ll love ShortcutsPay Terminal: 

ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal is here to make your in-salon payments seamless by helping: 

  • Provide a faster payment and checkout experience for your clients 
  • Improve efficiency and cash flow 
  • Reduce human error and banish transposition errors 
  • Easy end of day reconciliation 
  • No bank involvement 
  • Local support team 

Ready for ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal in your salon, spa or barbershop? ShortcutsPay is an included feature in Shortcuts 8.1 so get your hands on ShortcutsPay today. 

👉Click here to get started with ShortcutsPay today, right here!👈 

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