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Introducing our New Zealand Sales Manager, Ingrid

Introducing our New Zealand Sales Manager, Ingrid

When it comes to the hair and beauty industry in New Zealand, we’ve long suspected that what this country lacks in size, it makes up for in talent and creativity. In our bid to help the country’s salons, spas and barbers thrive with cutting-edge technology, we’d like to introduce our new NZ Sales Manager, Ingrid!

We pulled Ingrid aside on her recent visit to Shortcuts HQ to ask her some hard-hitting questions.

Hi Ingrid! How did you find yourself in this industry of ours?

I started as a therapist in a beauty clinic, Slimline Clinic, in Wellington. In those days it was one of only three clinics in the whole city, so it has been so exciting to be a part of the beauty industry as it has taken off.

From there I moved into salon management and developed a real knack for helping people become their best selves and businesses thrive. It was around this time I discovered a passion for retail (honestly – in another life I would come back as some sort of consumer psychologist) which took me into an education career with some of the country’s premiere beauty suppliers.

What’s unique about the hair and beauty industry in New Zealand?

I’ve been lucky to see firsthand the high quality of education we have in this country, not just among beauty therapists but in hairdressers, barbers, managers and people throughout the industry. The best part is, we’re only getting better and better.

Tell us a bit about what you do here at Shortcuts.

I’m here to help businesses right across NZ reach their full potential with technology. I’m based in Auckland, but I’ll be hitting the streets travelling around both islands meeting up with existing Shortcuts users as well as those who are looking for something new. I’m so excited to meet as many teams as possible and show them how we can work with them to upgrade their businesses!

So, you’re based in Auckland. What’s your favourite bar?

Hmm… I love Franklins in Beachlands and The Corner Bar in Howick.


Shamrock Cafe in Cockle Bay. They do a mean latte.


Definitely Cockle Bay.

If you had an afternoon free in the city what would you do?

I would tee up a long lunch with friends and family.

What trends are you noticing popping up across the ditch?

Something I am amazed by is just how impressive service standards are in this industry. I’m not just talking about the quality of a colour, cut or facial, it’s about the whole salon experience. Businesses are taking this to the next level to really wow their guests, and the best part is, this is one of the biggest areas where technology can help. From Reserve with Google to Upfront Payments and our fave new look Online Booking, it’s these little add-ons in the software that can make all the difference to the guest experience.

Any words to leave us with?

I’m so excited to hit the road and meet as many businesses as possible. If you want to take your salon, spa or barbershop to the next level, get in touch! I’d love to meet you and find out how Shortcuts can help you achieve your goals.

Get in touch with Ingrid here.