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Five tips for fabulous festive marketing

Five tips for fabulous festive marketing

It’s hard to believe it’s almost that time of year again! In just two months festive celebrations will be in full swing and your clients will be queuing up to make sure they’re looking their best for the holidays.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about some creative holiday marketing ideas that will help you reap the rewards of the busiest time of year in-salon.

Getting started today will help ensure your marketing makes a big impact these holidays, and with some careful planning, your promotions will even continue to reap rewards into the New Year! Here’s some of our favourite ideas to help make this Christmas extra merry.

Idea 1: Spread the love with gift cards

Gift cards are a gift that everyone will want to find under the tree, and are the perfect way to give your sales a boost this festive season. Designed to match your branding, they are the perfect stress-free present for your clients’ friends and family.

Not sure how to encourage your clients to buy your festive gift cards? Encourage your stylists to mention gift cards while clients are in the chair, promote them in-salon with an eye-catching display, and spread the word via your website, social media and email marketing.

Idea 2: Offer irresistible gift packages

Make choosing the perfect present a breeze with some easy-to-gift beauty packages. Whether you’re combining a colour with a treatment, or creating the ultimate ‘holiday unwind’ experience with a luxury mani and pedi, it’s easy to bundle your services together using your Shortcuts system.

These packages are sure to earn your clients extra kudos from friends and family. They can even help you capture new clients through excited comments, sharing and bragging on social media.

Idea 3: Capture attention with creative displays

Think about dressing up your salon for the festive season. Some simple tinsel and a tree can work wonders to create a festive atmosphere, but if you’re really looking to gain customers’ attention, visual merchandising is a great starting (and talking) point!

To drive clients straight to your festive promotions, set up a retail display on the right of your salon’s entrance – research shows most people unconsciously head right when first entering a salon. And try filling a basket with tempting impulse buys – think colourful hairbrushes and pretty nail polishes – anything inexpensive but fun.

Idea 4: Spread the word automatically

Ready for the secret ingredient that will tie all of your marketing ideas together? Automated marketing. Email marketing will help anchor your campaign and help build stronger client relationships. SMS marketing is great for triggering action and encouraging clients to take up that last-minute deal.

You can even automatically schedule your Set and Forget Marketing messages to distribute across your social media channels, which leads us to our next idea…

Idea 5: Step up your social media game

Fill your social media with hair and makeup inspiration and post photos of your salon all glammed up for the holidays. Mention any gift card promotions or packages you have on offer, and weave it all together with some fun and quirky gift-giving advice from your staff.

For example, you could create a fun series of social media posts where each staff member talks about their top five beauty products to give their best friend, mum or sister.