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Engaging ways to use SMS

Engaging ways to use SMS

How many times a day do you hear the familiar ‘ping’ of a text message to your phone, only to find it’s AusPost updating you on the status of an order, or an online retailer letting you know about a sale? Nowadays, SMS is a common way for businesses to spread the word, and it’s important to keep your SMS campaigns engaging and novel so that they make your clients take notice.   

Our top tips? Glad you asked.  


Make it personal. Use personal information like client name or appointment data wherever possible. And remember to use your name! Feeling like they’re getting a text from a real person will make your client take notice.  

Use shortened links. Sites like Bitly allow you to cut down on characters by shortening website URLs for you! Simply enter the webpage address you want to shorten, and insert the URL it produces into your text. Bingo! 

Mix it up. Don’t send the same message and expect a different result. Try a few different types of SMS, and see what works for you! 

Here’s some ideas for SMS campaigns you can start sending today: 

If you’re open… 

  • Remind clients you’re open – with so much uncertainty around the government restrictions, your clients may not even realise they can still visit your salon!  
  • Reinforce what your precautions are – it’s important your clients feel comfortable and safe when they visit, so make sure you’ve let them know what precautions you are taking to ensure their safety during COVID-19.  
  • Refer a friend offers  these are a great way to leverage your existing database and meet new clients. Can you offer a discount or deal to your clients if they bring a friend for an appointment?  
  • New client offers – can you do a special deal to entice new clients to visit your salon? Text your database about it! Who knows, someone may be having a conversation this very minute with a friend who‘s in need of your services.  
  • Last-minute appointments – let clients know when you have last-minute appointments available! It’s also a good way to fill some empty days – by saying there are “new appointments available today”, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage new bookings. 

If you’re closed… 

  • Update clients on any salon news – remember to keep your clients updated with what’s happening during your closure. Don’t forget to use shortened links if you need to direct them to your website for more info!  
  • Selling retail stock? Let clients know where and how they can purchase products that they may be running low on!  If you haven’t got an online shop, check out this guide to getting set up with Shopify – it’s super simple!
  • Make some cash – have you set up a Rewards Club or are you selling Online Gift Cards while you’re closed? Make sure your clients know! Check out the Communication Kit on our website for some great templates you can use. 
  • Get clients to follow you on social media – this is a great time to let your clients know you’re on Instagram or Facebook, and get them to follow you. Then, you can share meatier news on those platforms and keep everyone in the loop! For more ideas on what to post on social media, check out Social Sorted – they’ve made their platform free till 30 June so there’s no excuse to not have a snazzy feed! 

 If you’re getting ready to re-open… 

  • Create your own bonus bundle – what treatments can you package up to upsell to clients when you reopen? Think root touch-up, treatment, trim; or brows, lashes and a facial. Your clients will appreciate the pamper time! 
  • Share progress updates – have you started taking appointments? Get in touch with everyone whose appointments were cancelled while you were closed, and let them know you’re ready to book them in! 
  • Announce your opening – it’s time to celebrate! Send out an SMS to your database, letting them know how thrilled you are to be open and back in business. After all – it’s not every day you survive a global pandemic and come out smiling! 

Need a refresher on sending SMS campaigns through Marketing? Check out the videos our Educator Jonny has created that take you through step-by-step. So what are you waiting for – get sending today!

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