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Is this the end of the salon front desk?

Is this the end of the salon front desk?

In an industry where the latest insta trends are king, it’s no surprise that things in the hair and beauty world move fast. But unlike those frosted tips that you probably regretted two weeks later, this is one change you’ll be glad you made!

We’re talking about your salon front desk. It’s time to say goodbye, adios, bid it farewell… You get the idea. Sounds scary, we know. Stay with us, and let us tell you why your business is ready to ditch this relic and move forward into a more streamlined future.

Online Bookings are booming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware of the power of Online Booking. While businesses right around the country have been using this tool to boost their bookings for years, we’ve been quietly working in the background to go one step further.

We have partnered with the tech masterminds over at Google and are proud to be the only hair and beauty software provider in Australia to offer Reserve with Google! In a nutshell, this smart little add-on lets your clients check your availability and book appointments without even leaving Google.

The best part is, your Shortcuts Appointment Book syncs seamlessly with Google so you never need to worry about any mix ups or double bookings.

Rebook from the chair

Salon owners and their teams across Australia rejoiced last year when we released the much-hyped Cloud Appointment Book. This powerful little tool allows your team to access a fully-functioning Appointment Book from their smartphone or tablet, wherever they happen to be.

Not only does this allow everyone in your business to stay on top of their schedule, it means you can rebook clients from the chair or treatment room. This saves time for them and helps prevent traffic jams at the front desk – it’s a win-win.

Make the most of your space

These days, floor space is at a premium. There’s no better reason than that to ditch the front desk once and for all and upgrade that prime floor real estate into something that’s going to make you money or enrich your guest experience.

If the space is by a window, why not put your thinking cap on (mind the hair) and dream up some gorgeous window displays. Better yet, why not incorporate some of your product offering and boost retail sales while you’re at it.

If you want to use the newly-created space to improve the experience for your guests, why not upgrade your waiting area and create an area for your clients to relax and recharge from the moment they step through the door.

Pay in advance

Upfront payments have well and truly shaken up the industry. By asking your clients to pay for either all or part of their appointment cost upfront, you can save time for your guests and prevent a backlog at the desk. And the best part? It can also boost your bottom line!

You already know that asking clients to pay upfront reduces no shows, but did you know it can also bump up retail spend? The theory is, if your clients have paid for their appointment ahead of time, they will be more likely to purchase retail products in the salon!

This process is also a big time saver for your clients. After submitting their payment info once, Stripe will save their credit card info securely so they no longer need to enter it for future transactions.

Check your reports anywhere

How often do you find yourself needing to check your numbers on your salon computer while clients and staff swarm around the desk? With Cloud Reporting, you can access your most important reports from your tablet, phone or any other device. This includes a visual dashboard, your trading summary, employee productivity and more!

With all this info available wherever you are, now’s your chance to step away from the computer and pop out for a coffee while you do your number crunching.

Sounds good, right? And we’re only just getting started… Keep an eye out for more time-saving features rolling out soon!