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3 biggest myths about cloud tech

3 biggest myths about cloud tech

So by now you probably know what cloud technology is and how powerful it can be for your salon, spa or barber business. But maybe a few niggling reservations are holding you back and preventing you from taking the leap. And we get it! Cloud tech in general is shrouded in mystery and there are plenty of myths that have been making their way along the grapevine.

We’re going to throw these myths off their throne and chat about why cloud tech is actually so important to your business.

1. It’s one thing

We all refer to it as “the cloud” – singular, right? So surely it must be one giant cumulus hanging over our heads? Nope, it’s just a metaphor and it’s essentially referring to the internet. The cloud is actually data stored on multiple servers across the world, and you can access this data from anywhere. Some famous examples of cloud-based brands are Netflix, Pinterest, and Skype which you can access with an account and login.

For your salon, spa or barbershop, cloud technology means you can access a wealth of your business information from anywhere securely, such as your Set & Forget Marketing, Online Booking, Ratings and Reviews, and your Online CICs. Cool, huh?

2. It’s not secure

Security seems to be one of the biggest concerns when it comes to the cloud, and one of the least understood things about it. The truth is, the cloud is just as secure as any on-premise storage. In fact, you’re at less risk of losing your data in the cloud than your home or salon desktop or laptop because the cloud can’t crash like computer, and is often backed up in several places.

When it comes to your data don’t worry – we know how precious it is! At Shortcuts we strive to ensure that your data is safe and sound and can only be accessed by authorised people.

3. It has to be one or the other

We get how you might think you would have to choose to use just the cloud, or just your on-premise solution. But the reality is the two are meant to work in harmony. They co-exist in your salon and make good juju happen.

A good example of this is your Online Booking (which is in the cloud by the way). Your client can pick an available time and day that suits them and book an appointment online. This booking shows up in your on-premise Appointment Book in the classic needs-review yellow colour. Here you can either confirm it or contact the client to rearrange to a time that suits you better. See? Two peas in one harmonious, cozy pod.

If you’ve just read this whole blog and are still wondering what the heck cloud tech even is, check out this blog – it’ll explain everything!