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30 call to actions to promote your Facebook & Instagram booking buttons

So, you’ve heard the news… we’ve FINALLY been able to give you booking buttons for your Facebook and Instagram profiles! Happy dance please everyone 💃 

Now that you have this power-house little button on your profiles, it’s time to start driving your followers from your feed to your profile so they can lock in those appointments quick smart.  

Pssst – if you’re looking for some content to promote your new booking buttons, we’ve created a handful of ready-to-use email & SMS templates, and social posts that you post straight to your feed. Click here to check them out.  

Ok… now onto the juicy stuff…  All the call to actions you can use to promote your new booking button!

  1. Appointments are filling fast, so don’t walk, RUN! Head to our button in our bio 🥳 
  2. Beat the rush by securing your spot now! Our booking button is in our profile – you know what to do 😉 
  3. Early bird gets the worm, so book online now to avoid disappointment! You can find our booking button in our bio xx 
  4. Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who book online in advance! 
  5. Happiness is just a click away! Head to our button in bio now to book your dream look  
  6. Not on the list? What are you waiting for! Book now via our online booking button  
  7. Our chairs await… save your seat by booking online today! Book now button is in our bio 😘 
  8. We like when you push our buttons 😉 Try out our BRAND-NEW booking button in our bio today! 
  9. You’ve been asking and we’ve listened… BOOKING BUTTONS HAVE LANDED 🥳 Check them out in our profile to book your spot in style x 
  10. PSA – ONLINE BOOKING BUTTONS ARE COMING IN HOT 🔥 Try it for yourself today by heading to our profile! 
  11. Our socials have had a makeover – making it easier than ever to book yours! Check out our new booking buttons via our profile today  
  12. Got a special occasion coming up? Save the stress and secure your spot with our team now via our booking button! 
  13. Don’t miss out! Only [INSERT NUMBER OF BOOKINGS] left for [INSERT DATE] 🔥 Save your spot by booking via our booking button! 
  14. Head to our booking button to see what we can do for you! Tap through now to see our full list of services, designed to help you in every way  
  15. To see our availability and find a slot for you, head to our booking button in our profile now! 
  16. Don’t wait, lets LOCK IT IN! Check out our available appointments now via our booking button! 
  17. Short on time? We got you covered! Cut the calls and book now by heading to our booking button in our bio! 
  18. Good news, help is on its way 🦸️ Click on our booking button in our bio to explore our full range of services and find your perfect fit! 
  19. There’s never been a better time to plan ahead! Save your spot now and we’ll get you looking as schmick as our new booking button (find it on our profile) 😉 
  20. Spots are limited, grab yours now via our online booking button in bio! 
  21. Too busy to book? Think again! Booking is as easy as 1,2,3 thanks to our new booking button! See for yourself in our bio today x 
  22. Find your match today beauty-lovers! See our full list of services and times via our booking button in our bio 🥰 
  23. Skimp on time, treat yourself ✨ The only thing standing between you and the glow up you deserve is our booking button – you know what to do x 
  24. Phone calls? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Book RIGHT NOW thanks to our booking button in our profile  
  25. You don’t have to dream, get the look NOW by booking online via our bio today! 
  26. Don’t be shy… our diaries are ready, so book online to save your spot! Booking button is in our profile, gorgeous 😘 
  27. Slow and steady may win the race, but it won’t be enough to save a seat in our chairs! Book online via our profile today and beat the [INSERT PERIOD] rush 🔥 
  28. Dreams don’t work unless you do, and we can’t make them come true if you don’t book! Head to our booking button in our bio today and leave the magic to us  
  29. Been a while since your last appointment? Let this be your sign to [split with those ends / book that wax / get that trim]! Spots don’t last long around here, so head to our profile and hit that booking button to save yours now  
  30. I really regret treating myself… SAID NO ONE EVER! We know you’ve earned it, so head to our booking button in our bio to book a treat for future-you today! Believe us, you won’t regret it x 

If you want to learn more about the new Facebook and Instagram booking button, click here! 

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