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Is email marketing dead?

Is email marketing dead?

With the rise of social media and new technologies, is email marketing dead? If you look at the latest research, the answer is absolutely not – but it is changing. A recent study found that 77% of consumers would still prefer to receive permission-based commercial messages via email.

If you are surprised at these findings, consider this; how often do you check your email on your phone? According to a recent Bloomberg report, up to 45% of shoppers are now accessing their email accounts more frequently because they have the internet on their mobile devices.

But while your clients may be reading more emails than ever before, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to capture their attention. In fact with all the competition out there, your clients are more picky about what they click, read or open.

So what’s the secret to getting results from your email marketing? Your campaigns need to be mobile-friendly, eye-catching and, most of all, relevant.

A recent study showed 74% of smartphone users access email on their phones. Having mobile-friendly design means that your email will look good and be easy to read no matter how it is opened – on smartphone, tablet, iPad or PC. If your email marketing isn’t mobile-friendly, you are alienating a significant chunk of your client base.

With the sheer volume of emails your clients receive every day, you also need to make sure yours are personalised and timely. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – would you rather read a generic e-blast, or a “Happy Birthday” or “We Miss You” email addressed to you by name? As well as achieving better immediate results, these types of ongoing communications will go a long way in keeping your clients loyal.

Lucky for you, the latest technology allows you to easily achieve this with automated campaigns that send out emails based on client information in the system.