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Webinar: COVID-19 Social Survival Strategy

If your social game has slid by the wayside in the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis, we’ve got your back. Check out this free live webinar from the gang at Social Sorted, hosted by Jo Burgess, our Co-Founder.

In this webinar, Jo teaches how to strengthen your business immunity and survive the COVID-19 crisis.

You will:
• Learn how to effectively use social media whilst navigating these uncharted waters and BEYOND,
• Discover how content pillars can add variety to your social feed and keep followers engaged,
• PLUS you’ll get FREE access to the whole Social Sorted platform full of content, strategy and community.


Jo Burgess

Jo Burgess is a co-founder and the VP of Evolution at Shortcuts. As one of the key visionaries of this industry-leading brand, Jo has seen many technological innovations since she first installed Shortcuts in her salon more than 20 years ago.