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This is your go-to place for all things Marketing Plus. Have a burning question? Want to watch a quick tutorial video? You’ve come to the right place!

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Marketing Plus - Get creative with your salon marketing

If getting creative is your thing, Marketing Plus gives you more advanced customisation options than Marketing in the Cloud, so you can design campaigns that drive results.

Advanced editing options

This affordable marketing tool features a drag and drop editor and HTML capabilities for more tech savvy marketers. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to design advanced SMS and email marketing campaigns to drive results.

Multi-site capabilities

Create campaigns at HQ and send on behalf of all your sites. Or share designs and let individual locations send personalised messages to just their own clients. With centralized design, you can ensure that your branding stays consistent no matter how many locations you have.

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Includes pre-made campaigns

  • Request a Google review after visiting.
  • Happy birthday
  • Welcome new guest
  • We miss you
  • It’s time to see you again
  • Referral thank you
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Marketing Plus FAQs

Have a question about Shortcuts Marketing Plus? Check out the FAQs below.

What are demographics?

Demographics are used in marketing to create groups of clients to send communications to. This segmentation will allow you to target clients based on core demographics and preferred demographics.

Some examples are:

Core: age, gender, birth month, postcode.

Preferred: the clients visit date was between xxxx and xxxxx, Does the client have a future appointment yes/no ,Bulk marketing campaign tag is xxx

Click here check out a video on our learning center for more information on demographics.

How can I send emails if I have multiple sites?

Shortcuts marketing plus is great for Multi site locations using the head office account (parent/child relationship) you have options

  1. “Central Brand Marketing” meaning it is sent by head office and managed by head office. We recommend sending birthdays sms/emails so the customer on gets one. Promotional Brand awareness and continuity for all locations
  2. “Sent on Behalf” this shows site contacts and links base on the individual location and looks at client’s interaction with in each location. Clients’ activity is location based so if the clients goes to more than one location they will receive a communication from each location for new client, non returning, referral thank you and we miss you.
  3. “Site self-managed” and share images, templates and Great for stores to send their own promotions and communications

You also use a combination of these marketing strategies. We recommend one of coaches to assist with the right option for you. Click here to book a one on one training session.

Can I do transactional marketing based on a services?

Whilst it is not possible to complete automated marketing based on transactions; you can generate a list from Shortcuts based on certain spend or items purchased, allowing you to send once off marketing campaigns to this targeted list.

You can then upload this list to Marketing Plus using the “bulk marketing campaign” demographic.

Click here for more information on targeted marketing.

Click here for more information on how marketing works.

How do I see campaign results?

Shortcuts Marketing Plus has various reports based on campaigns specific reports, client activity and demographics.

You can see for each campaign graphs and overviews on the open rates, unique clicks and ROI linking with discount reasons. All reports can be printed and exported.

I prefer to work with HTML and drop the source code in from another design tool does that work?

Yes, you can create emails using HTML. Click on create new campaign and then select HTML under the more options button.

I would like to have clients subscribe to my marketing from my website?

Marketing Plus is designed as an add-on to take your email marketing to the next level! In addition to using this marketing platform to connect with your existing salon clients, you may choose to have a website plugin where clients can subscribe directly to a marketing list from your website.

An additional marketing account is required to achieve this with an ongoing monthly cost of $35 / month and a once off setup fee for $100. Once you sign up for this product, the monthly fee will be added to your recurring order and you will receive an email containing the HTML code to provide to your website designer to add the subscribe link to your website.

Click here to get set up now.

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