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Google + Shortcuts: Exclusive secrets for online success

Ever wondered what the future holds for your business? It’s no surprise that there’s endless opportunity for salons, spas and barbers on Google, but where the heck do you start?

Join Shortcuts software Co-founder and VP of Evolution, Jo Burgess, and Google Strategist extraordinaire, Aleks Wocial, as they discuss the future of the industry and how you can make an impact on Google.

In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How technology is shaping the future of the industry
  • The power of showcasing your business online
  • Insider Google stats you need to know ASAP
  • How Shortcuts + Google can help you connect with new clients
  • Plus, an exclusive offer for webinar attendees – stay tuned!
Jo Burgess

Jo Burgess is a co-founder and the VP of Evolution at Shortcuts. As one of the key visionaries of this industry-leading brand, Jo has seen many technological innovations since she first installed Shortcuts in her salon more than 20 years ago.