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Susa Wynne-Hoelscher on Boosting your Salon’s Revenue

By April 8, 2020March 10th, 2021No Comments

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Bring in the 💰

We sat down with former Hair Expo owner and all-round industry icon Susa Wynne-Hoelscher to get the scoop on a hack she dreamed up to boost revenue in her salon. Spoiler: We’ve turned this hack into a Shortcuts feature that can help you bring in money even when your business is closed!

Susa Wynne-Hoelscher is available for salon business consultancy. Call her today on 0419 184 967 if you’d like to hear more about her experience, or to book a one-on-one strategy session.

Susa Wynne-Hoelscher on Boosting your Salon’s Revenue

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