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Don’t miss these Mother’s Day money-makers

By May 5, 2020February 25th, 2021No Comments

Don’t miss these Mother’s Day money-makers

Is it just us, or is it starting to feel like everything fun has been cancelled?! From cancelled festivals to entire sporting seasons postponed, it’s like 2020 has almost ground completely to a halt in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s time to remind your clients that there’s still an important reason to celebrate just around the corner. This weekend in fact – Mother’s Day is on Sunday 10 May.

Mother’s Day has long held a special place in our hearts, as a day we can come together to celebrate the relationships we have with those special women in our lives. 💖

In a period when a lot of us are feeling isolated and stressed, let’s take the time to focus for a minute on these wonderful women.

From a business perspective, there’s so many ways you can help your clients honour their mothers. We’ve pulled together our top Mother’s Day gifting ideas to be selling to your clients right now.

Pamper packages

What woman isn’t dying for a trip to the salon right now? Even if it is just to escape the house for a few hours. If you’re open, offer clients the ultimate Mother’s Day Pamper Package – all the treatments you need after a couple of months in isolation.

Make sure to remind clients of all your new precautions and safety measures, so they can lay back in the chair guilt-free and enjoy their well-deserved pamper without stressing about COVID germs.

If you’re struggling to think of treatments to package up, why not include some retail products at a discount? Everyone loves feeling salon-fresh, so give them a chance to have a treatment then take the treat-yo-self moment home as product to continue the vibe.

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Hands up who will be treating themselves to one of these?! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Create a care pack

Not currently seeing clients in the salon? No worries.

We know many clients are desperate for a re-stock of their favourite products, so why not make up the ultimate at-home care pack for your clients? Pull together the most popular product combos and get selling.

To make sure clients feel safe, offer them alternative ways to receive their orders. Can you do local delivery, or offer contactless click-and-collect from the salon? Offering a free online consultation to help pick the right products for Mum is a great way to add value as well.

“We started offering virtual consults to help our clients get on the right track to a totally customised skincare iso prescription tailored just to them,” says owner Eva Frawley from The Skin & Beauty Suite.

“I really wanted to make sure my clients weren’t just self-diagnosing when purchasing their products. It’s always best to ask an expert when shopping around for skincare!”

You can be selling retail stock, even if you don’t have an online shop set up. We showed you how to quickly set up a Shopify store using your Shortcuts stock lists – or, if that’s not your jam, whip up a few social media posts to promote your Mother’s Day Care Packs.

The gift of choice

Some mums are just impossible to buy for. To cater to those clients of yours who find it a struggle to pick something mum will like, take the guess work and throw it out the window! Sell them a gift card and let their mum pick their own treat.

If you don’t offer online gift cards yet (what are you doing…) it’s simple to set up. Learn how right here!

Plus, our team of developers are currently working on something extra special to help drive those gift card sales, so now is the perfect time to get it ready to go on your website! 😉

Make it a DIY day

This one is perfect for clients with kids in iso! Put together some at-home facial or mani treatment packs, along with some instructions and get kids treating their mum to their very own home-spa day. 💅

You could even run a Facebook or Instagram Live on Sunday morning to walk the kiddies (or Mum) through the steps. This is a great way to drive engagement to your social channels as well. Win-win!

Looking for more ways to drive engagement and connect with clients on social media? Make sure you check out Social Sorted! They’re offering free membership till the end of June, so join today to get two months of content and social media strategy completely for free.

Reward her

Our last hot tip is one we love, love, LOVE. Add an extra bloom to your clients’ Mother’s Day bouquets 💐 with a gift that just keeps giving.

Set up a Rewards Club (if you haven’t already) and sell some Mother’s Day memberships.

ICYMI – Rewards Club is a feature in Shortcuts that most of us forgot about – until now! It allows you to sell a membership to your salon for a set price (say $200) that has a higher redeemable value (so in this case we’d suggest $300 or more) so clients get more bang for their buck, and you get a quick injection of cash! 🤑