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Make ‘em swoon this Valentine’s Day

Make ‘em swoon this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’re sure you have your salon, spa or barbershop promotions prepped and ready for the send button. But have you turned your attention to your clients and staff? Sure, Valentine’s Day has become all about the moolah, but don’t forget that it’s traditionally a day to show those around you how much you love and appreciate them. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovebug couples!

Woo your clients

So you’ve organised some super tantalising promos for your clients to snap up. You’ve got a couple’s massage package ready, a BFF deal for the Galentines out there, and a stack of gift cards ready for the fellas looking for an easy, yet impressive gift. Maybe you’ve even coaxed in a few fresh faces with your stellar deals?

The thing to remember is romance isn’t just for Valentine’s Day – you want any new client to fall head over heels for you! After showering them with the experience of a life time, ask them if they’d like to re-book, grab their email and phone number so you can send them some juicy campaigns using Set & Forget Marketing, and sign them up for your Loyalty program. Once a client is all signed-up they won’t be able to resist working their way towards their reward for being so devoted.

Check out our new searchable learning centre for some quick videos on Set & Forget Marketing, Loyalty and plenty more.

Indulge your staff

As your V Day offers bring in new clients left, right and centre, take the opportunity to incentivise your staff and encourage them to upsell the week leading up to Valentine’s Day by setting a target. Once the day is done, check your stats and see who was the lucky winner of the prize.

If you want to reward all of your staff for their efforts, why not dedicate an evening to a few facials, games or pampering? Pop a bottle or two of champagne, dish up some chocolate dipped strawberries (a Valentine’s highlight, am I right?), and celebrate a job well done. It will do wonders for team spirit.

Lastly, treat yourself

Remember, while it’s all well and good to shower others with love, it’s also important to take some time to give yourself a little pat on the back. You’re a gem of a business owner after all! Once the Valentine’s madness has passed, give yourself an hour of me-time. Switch your phone off and go do something you love!

Sit down with a good book at the coffee shop that you usually grab and dash take-away from. Book yourself in for a mani-pedi at your fave nail bar. Take your family to a local park and enjoy some fun in the sun. Wherever your Eden may be, go there and hit refresh.