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Success Story

Instyle x Shortcuts Roundtable

What happens when you get four of the top industry professionals at the same table?

Hit the play button to find out.

We partnered with the Instyle and Styleicons team to bring Brendon Mann from Epic Hair, Alannah Read from Ella&Jade, Kristian Tognini from Togninis and Hey Hair, and Chris Hunter from Willomina to the table to share their insights across four key pillars of focus.

As some of the top thought-leaders and innovators in the industry, we took the opportunity to have an open conversation about the current state of the salon industry and new ways to move forward. All of those at the table came from different backgrounds, use different technology solutions to manage their business, and have different approaches to their salon experience. Which created the perfect recipe for invaluable perspective, ideas and shared knowledge.

Facilitated by Lisa Conway from Zing Coaching, we dove into conversations around sustainability in business, integrating new technology, social conscience, adapting to changing needs, growth strategies as well as consultation and client service.

“Our service is the most important thing and technology is a way to better communicate our value. We use tech as a way to bridge the clients and get them more familiar with our salon experience. Whatever they think about a traditional client model is completely wiped out.”

Alannah ReadElla&Jade

“The client often doesn't understand the difference between a full-head of foils to a balayage, so if you're educating the client on exactly what they're going to receive in the service and how long things take, it helps them with booking their appointment online and for the whole experience to be seamless.”

Kristian Togninitogninis and Hey Hair

“We’re taking it one step further and going to start taking deposits. So what does it look like? We’re still trying to figure it out, but what we’re hoping for these people is to obviously spend money before they come in, have their service and then because the service could be expanded it’s a bigger amount of money that we’re spending on retail or treatments at a different time.”

Chris HunterWillomina

“As long as your service is good from start to finish from the booking, from how they’re treated inside the salon from the actual service they have done, and then after the after sale service. It’s fine charging the prices that you should be charging.”

Brendon MannEpic Hair

“You have to see the value that you provide and into the future. You look at everything that can be digitalised, across the board your craft becomes more valuable, your creativity becomes valuable because it can’t be digitalised.”

Lisa ConwayThe Zing Project

Read the full article in the latest issue of Instyle now!

Watched the videos and keen to hear more from the Roundtable crew? You can read the full article in the March/April issue of Instyle right now.

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