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Your guide to influencer marketing

Have you heard the term “influencer marketing” popping up here and there? Have you seen Instagrammers and bloggers posting cool, creative content with a shout-out to a brand or product? Are you wondering how you can harness some of that influencer power too?

Guest presenter, Danielle Lewis Co-Founder and CEO of (a super-rad influencer marketing platform) will be dishing up all of her knowledge on influencer marketing, and answering your burning questions in this FREE webinar!

You’ll learn:

• What influencer marketing actually is
• Why it’s so powerful and persuasive
• How easy it is to implement in your business

Danielle Lewis

Danielle is the Co-Founder & CEO of, one of Australia’s fastest growing, data-driven influencer marketing platforms. Danielle and her team are proven game-changers in the influencer world, taking on massive advertising campaigns, collaborating with the likes of Vogue, Publicis Mojo and NewsCorp. They’re challenging the conventional ways of marketing, using their unique brand fingerprinting technology by automatically connecting and measuring data from social channels to identify a brand’s true audience. Outside of business, Danielle’s heart belongs to travel, coffee and her cat Sanchez.