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Google + Shortcuts have a gift for you

Google + Shortcuts have a gift for you

So we’ve got some news for you that has us doing cartwheels… Our fast-friends at Google and our Shortcuts team have been cooking up something delicious for your business for a while now and we’re finally ready to spill the beans for you. Shortcuts and Google are excited to announce the launch of Reserve with Google!

We’ve been raving about Google a lot, but this time our collab is really going to shake things up for the hair and beauty industry more than ever before.

Why? Gosh, let me tell you.

It’s called Reserve with Google, and this pow-wow piece of magic lets your guests book appointments with you straight from a Google Search or Google Maps. Your all-important online presence is about to get a whole lot more horsepower. And when 80% of your potential clients check out local businesses on a search engine to start with, you’re going to want an online presence that stands out more than the fiercely fabulous Jonathan Van Ness on a red carpet.

Firstly, the arrival of Reserve with Google is MAJOR news because it is hands down one of the biggest innovations the Australian hair and beauty industry has seen in a long time. And did we mention that it’s only available for Shortcuts customers?

Yep, you heard right. Reserve with Google is only available to salons, spas and barbers in Australia who are using Shortcuts. You lucky thing, you.

The power of this technology is the way it helps you attract new clients online. It goes hand in hand with your Google My Business profile. When a business searches for you via a Google search or Google Maps, one of the first things they will see is your picture-perfect Google listing with a shiny new ‘book’ button front and centre. All your client needs to do is tap that button and follow the steps to make an appointment.

Reserve with Google reduces the number of steps your client takes to book an appointment online. Instead of going through the whole rigmarole of searching for your business, clicking through to your website, and navigating to your online booking page, they can do it all from their initial Google search. It’s a quicker, more streamlined approach at a time when people just want to get it done.

For you, Reserve with Google is completely integrated with your Online Booking so it works very much the same way. It automatically syncs with your Appointment Book, so only your available appointments are displayed via Reserve with Google. Once your brand new client makes an appointment, the booking will appear in your Appointment Book in the yellow needs-review colour, waiting for you to accept.

You don’t need to worry about double bookings either – Google will check in with your Appointment Book before anything is confirmed for your client, just so it can make sure there are no double bookings. How helpful is that?!

If you want to get started with Reserve with Google, and be part of the Google club, chances are it’s already switched on for you. The only must-have you need is our Online Booking feature to use Reserve with Google. Uh-huh, you don’t have to lift a finger, ‘cause I’m sure you don’t have one to spare until next year when the festive rush dies down!

If you’re not using Online Booking just yet – no dramas! Contact us today so we can get you started in a jiffy.

Curious to learn more about Reserve with Google? Yeah, we knew it. Just click here to learn more.