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Google Ads: The Magic Formula

Google Ads: The Magic Formula

Yes it’s true, we can’t stop raving about the digital wizardry that is Google Ads. Now that we’ve teamed up with the gurus at Google, my goodness do we know a thing or two about how to get more clients through your door, stat.

Done right, Google Ads can work so well they almost seem like a magic trick – but in fact, it’s all 100% based on science. Human behaviour in fact. We’re moving en masse away from traditional media like print and TV, and have started spending all our time online – streaming the latest episode of Queer Eye, listening to podcasts, watching live as world news headlines unfold before our very eyes.

As a result of our obsession with all things world wide web, we’re Googling more than ever (even if it is for answers to the all-important questions like “what is Pink’s real name?”). Which ultimately opens up one enormous opportunity for your business. Why? Because more and more people are searching online for a salon, spa or barber shop just like yours.

Read on to learn more about why the mystical art of Google Ads will work like a charm to conjure up new clients before your very eyes.

Broaden your horizons

The beauty of Google Ads is you don’t need to stick to the confines of one limited approach. You can run multiple campaigns and target different audiences, to ensure you attract more new clients online than ever before (and increase your revenue while you’re at it).

Say you’re a city-slicker salon with a broad clientele. You could run one campaign for women who want a complete after-work pampering, and another for the guys who just want a quick cut during their lunch break. Our Google wizards will set up this little piece of sorcery for you!

Get ultra-specific

Do you manage a salon that only does kids’ cuts? Or a brow bar that’s all about delivering Insta-worthy brows? You’re offering a niche service, and there’s a specific group of potential customers out there waiting for you. You’ve got a unique audience all of your own.

With old-school advertising you’d be taking a stab in the dark and hoping some of those people would see your ads. Digital, on the other hand, is incredibly targeted: with a wave of a digital guru’s magic wand your message will be seen by the people who are already trying to find a salon like yours.

Only pay if it works

Google Ads gives you the flexibility to choose which keywords you want to target, and how much you want to bid on them. You only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads, so you’re almost guaranteed to get more diamonds for your dollars.

Digital marketing also lets you change up your approach at any time, based on what’s working and what’s not. The Google Ads experts will create the perfect potion and mix up your campaigns based on what is driving the highest number of new clients to your business.

Increase online bookings

Once a potential client clicks through to your website via one of your beautifully crafted ads, they’re only a few shorts clicks away from booking their first appointment with you.

Because your campaigns have been designed to reach a super-specific audience, you’re more likely to draw in the potential clients who are most likely to be ready to book an appointment. Your online bookings will increase faster than you can say abracadabra!

Click through to find out how you can get a little piece of the magic for your own.