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6 kinds of gift-givers and what to sell them

6 kinds of gift-givers and what to sell them

They say that there are only a few types of gift-givers around birthdays or the holidays – all of which take their own spin on purchasing presents for their loved ones. Some of them love to shop at the last minute, finding the perfect gift right down to the wire, while others like to make long, thought-out buying decisions. The thing is all of these people are your clients! So how can you serve up a few tantalising present options to help take the guesswork out of gift giving for them?

The handmade maiden

Thoughtful, sentimental gestures is the goal. Glitter in the craft-kit is a must. Handmade wrapping is a no-brainer. This type of gift-giver isn’t a penny-pincher, in fact sometimes they’ll spend more than if they picked a gift off the shelves. Nope, this gem of a person is all about making something that will hold far more sentimental value than a material, store-bought item. They’re a creative soul with a drive to please – they get the most joy out of giving gifts, they don’t really care if they don’t receive one in return!

The gift: A hamper full of pamper goodies from your salon that they put together themselves. They’re also likely to make something completely from scratch, like a scrapbook of your memories together with a heart-warming, handmade card to boot. Oh and don’t forget the hand-painted gift wrap!


The last-minute gem finder

This type of gift-giver loves a deadline – they’ll wait until the day before to think about buying a gift for birthdays or Christmas. That’s not to say they don’t put thought into the gift they buy though! They are the crowd that made late night shopping around Christmas time a thing, but realistically they still love to go online to buy their gifts if time allows.

The gift: Online Gift Cards are perfect for this gift-giver. Even though they’ve left their present buying to the very last minute, they can still buy their loved one an amazing gift. All they need to do is visit the gift-receivers favourite spa or salon’s website and purchase a gift card online. If their fave salon is with Shortcuts, we’ve made it so simple (wink wink). The gift card will be sent to the receiver straight away via email with a sweet note! They can then scan the bar code at their appointment to redeem the card. How amazing are instant gifts, right?! And guess what… This is a brand-new feature to Shortcuts, just in time for Christmas! Get the full scoop here.


The cashed-up conqueror

The more luxurious, over-the-top and boujee the gift, the better! This classic type of gift-giver is super generous and all about showering their friends, family and even acquaintances with top-dollar gifts. They always go over budget in the yearly Secret Santa and love purchasing presents at random times of year for their loved ones. They show their love through money.

The gift: A full-day deluxe spa treatment. They’re also the most likely to buy material items like jewellery, watches, and the latest and greatest tech – you name it!


The kudos stealer

We all have one of those in our circles. You know, the sibling that will rock up to a family birthday BBQ, pull you aside and ask if they can team up on your well-thought out gift for Aunt Sherell… As she’s unwrapping it.

These people have big hearts but aren’t always prepared and have a “fly by the seat of your pants” approach to life. They’re just a little forgetful! The good news is, Online Gift Cards is perfect for them! They can be pulling up in the car to the family BBQ, whip out their phone, and purchase a gift card online from their Aunty’s favourite spa (that’s you!) in town.

The gift: An online gift card to your gorgeous salon or spa, or chipping in on someone else’s gift for the kudos… We know what we’d rather 😉


The practical prince

They’re all about spending their hard-earned cash on gifts you actually need. You bet they love a budget! Electric toothbrush? Done. Socks and underwear? Geez, thanks Mum.

The gift: Tap into their helpful present buying behaviour and offer gift packs in your spa or salon. Shampoo and conditioner bundles will never go amiss!


The bargain hunter

This gift-giver is very cost-driven. The lower, the better! They’re all about sticking to a budget and finding the best deal possible (and sometimes it means skipping out on something the other person might love). Sure, that jumper might be XXL and won’t fit them but, hey, it’s on sale and maybe they’ll grow into it…

The gift: Have stock you need to move ASAP? These people are your crowd!