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Rewards Club Communication Kit

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that you’re trying to find ways to generate income for your business and FAST. Luckily, Rewards Club is a long-lost feature already in your Shortcuts system which can help you get some cash flow… flowing!

Email Templates

Here’s email templates with optional copy that you can use in Shortcuts Marketing to communicate the Rewards Club offer to your clients. It contains an announcement email and a follow-up email to make sure your message is heard!

SMS Templates

Here are a few SMS templates which you can copy and paste into Shortcuts to communicate your Rewards Club offer to your clients. It contains a few announcements and follow-up messages, so check them out!

Social Media Posts

Check out these social media posts we’ve created for your feeds and stories! Featuring eye-catching images and captions to help get your Rewards Club offer out to your following.

Phone Script

We understand that sales pitches can be a little intimidating at times! To help you sell your Rewards Club memberships, we’ve put together a phone script to help you navigate the phone calls to your clients and convince them what great value it actually is!