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Rewards Club phone script

We understand that sales pitches can be a little intimidating at times! To help you sell your Rewards Club memberships, we’ve put together a phone script to help you navigate the phone calls to your clients and convince them what great value it actually is!


Tailor your call for each client – remember that your client has shared so many details of their life with you – take a moment to reset between each call, and remember the relationship with the next client on your list. That way, you can ask after their husband/wife/kids/pets and make the call feel even more personal.

Have your info ready – this means knowing exactly who you’re calling, what they’ve spent in your salon in the past 6 months, and what services they’ve had. Also check if they had an upcoming appointment that has been cancelled. This will make the phone call feel personal and relevant.

Work out what it means for them – do the math and work out what Rewards Club membership tier will be the best value for them, and focus on that one. A phone call can get confusing if there’s too many options, so pick one (if you have multiple) and focus on the bonus value specifically for that client. For example – if Emma has spent $450 in your salon in the past 6 months on blow-dries and the occasional cut – tell her how many extra blow-dries she would get with her Rewards Club bonus.


“Hi [CLIENT NAME], it’s [YOUR NAME] from [SALON].

I just wanted to give you a call to firstly check in and make sure you and your family are all safe and healthy?

I’m not sure if you’ve seen our [FACEBOOK POSTS / EMAILS / SMS] but we’ve had to temporarily close the salon so I just wanted to personally reach out to you and make sure you knew [REFERENCE APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION IF APPLIES]

We’re really excited though, cause we’ve come up with a plan that can ensure we stay in business, while delivering you the star service you know and love. But this time with a whole lot more value for you as a BIG thank you.

It’s basically like a “spend and save” offer. For every dollar you spend, you get extra value in rewards points which you can use in salon on services. It’s a great way for you to help us keep running, and be rewarded at the same time.

Looking at your client file, I can see you’ve been in [NUMBER] times in the past 6 months for your [SERVICE]. Based on that, the best option in our Rewards Club is [MEMBERSHIP TIER]

If you join our Rewards Club, you’ll get an extra $XX to spend in salon as a bonus for the next [XX] months.

For us, it means keeping us running so we can open our doors the minute we’re allowed to – and you can start spending those reward points.

I just wanted to reach out and see if you were interested in helping us out and joining our Rewards Club, as you’re one of our most loyal clients and I’d love to be able to reward you for that loyalty once we re-open.

[IF YES] Okay great, I can get you set up right now. How would you like to pay?

[IF NO] No problem at all. I just thought I would give you a call so you don’t feel like you’ve missed out. Let me know if you change your mind, and I hope you guys stay healthy and safe till this all passes.