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Build the perfect team to tackle 2018

Build the perfect team to tackle 2018

A strong team is like super glue for your salon, spa or barber business. You need people you can rely on through thick and thin – whether you’re in the salon or not. Your business is your baby so you need to trust that your team will care for it as much as you do!

But building the perfect team is no easy feat. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to find that sweet, sweet harmony of personalities. So what are some things to keep in mind when building and perfecting your team to help you tackle the big ’18 in style?

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Are you a fab leader that thrives on positivity, fairness, and communication? Does your business radiate professionalism, skill and creativity? Chances are you’ll attract quality candidates who are looking for a leader and company that share these same values. Paying attention to the vibes you put out into the big wide world is crucial for attracting fresh faces who will gel well with your business.

Keep in mind that your existing staff are the biggest advocates for your business. If you have a great attitude and have created an awesome work environment that they love coming to every day, then you immediately have a great recommendation for others in the industry who may be looking for their next dream role. It’s a no brainer!

Hire right from the get-go

The biggest mistake you can make when employing a new team member is hiring when you desperately need someone, and not when you want someone. Of course staff can up and leave you in a lurch, but instead of handing a job to the very first candidate who walks through your door, make the time to assess your experience with the past employee and think about what you envision your next member will be like.

Take your time during the hiring process to find that gem of a human that will fit perfectly in your existing team and you know will stay the distance. If you choose someone who may have the skills, but not the social savvy to suit your salon, then you may find yourself up in arms further down the track. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Weed out the weak links

There’s nothing worse than an employee who doesn’t carry their weight around the salon, distracts others from their work, or spreads negativity. Toxic personalities need to go, ASAP.

Before a weak link becomes a new hire, watch out for a few tell-tale signs. Do they try and constantly rearrange the agreed upon interview time? Are they dressed for lazy Sunday on the couch instead of the salon floor? Do they whinge about past employers? Hear those alarm bells ringing?

Motivate and encourage

Your staff need to feel like they can come to you for guidance when the going gets tough. A leader that motivates, encourages and gives praise for a job well done is much more approachable than a boss who directs and instructs but never positively reinforces their team’s efforts.

Constructive criticism is always a good idea, and positive reinforcement will do wonders for morale. Word of your fab leadership will spread and, before you know it, plenty of industry talent will be banging down your doors for a position in your salon, spa or barber business.

Encourage healthy competition

A bit of competition not only motivates your staff to give their best stuff, but it also helps your team forge bonds, learn new techniques, and push their skills just that little bit further.

Maybe you could host a creative styling night, where each employee brings in a friend as their model. They will love the opportunity to unleash their ideas and go head to head with each other. Keep the competition friendly and even dangle a little incentive in front of your team, and watch them thrive!