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6 Practical Ways To Reduce Salon No-Shows In 2024

6 practical ways to reduce salon no-shows in 2024

No-shows can be a challenge for salon owners, impacting earnings and efficiency in this fast-paced industry. However, with effective strategies, it’s possible to minimise these occurrences, maximise dollars in your pockets and ensure smoother operations. In this article, we’ll explore seven practical ways to tackle salon no-shows in 2024. 

1. Simplify your booking process

Make it easy for your clients to schedule appointments by implementing a user-friendly online booking system. Did you know about 40% of online bookings happen outside the usual business hours? Enabling your clients to book appointments whenever it suits them will significantly reduce the chances of no-shows.

Need help setting up online booking? Check out our post here:

2. Send automated booking info (EMAIL and SMS) 

Use your salon software to automatically send a helpful calendar “invite” through email or SMS as the clients’ book their appointments. These will help reduce forgetfulness, ensuring a more organised salon experience for you and ensuring they arrive at their appointment on time.

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3. Make confirming appointments a priority

Create a consistent system for requesting confirmations via SMS. Use your salon software to send automated 2-way messages with clients visit details in the lead up to their appointment and have them SMS back to confirm /secure they are coming. 


Unlike other software, the 2 way SMS in Shortcuts actually changes the color of the appointment, making it easy for you to identify at a quick glance confirmed appointments. 

This is how you can set up:

4. Take Booking Deposits.

In 2024 taking booking deposits is a new standard, trust us we know! As a salon, by implementing this into your online booking process you are dramatically reducing chances of the client not showing up, and hey if they do at least you’ve got some cash to pay for those extensions you’ve ordered. Keep your cancellation policies clear in the T & Cs and keep your salon finances healthy.   

5. Personalise client experiences

Take advantage of your salon software that allows you to track client preferences and history. Utilise this information to offer personalised suggestions or customised services tailored to their individual tastes. This personalised touch goes beyond routine salon visits, fostering a deeper connection and ensuring your clients look forward to each appointment so they keep coming back and reduce those nasty no shows.

6. Analyse data trends

Use data analytics to understand your appointment scheduling better. Your salon software likely includes features for analysing patterns and figuring out why there are no-shows. By looking into these trends, you can find areas to improve and put in strategies to reduce no-shows at the salon.

For example, if you see more no-shows on weekends, you might want to think about having stricter cancellation policies or better reminder systems for weekend appointments. Or, if certain services always have  no-shows, just apply online booking deposits to these certain services to ensure the clients show up.


Use Shortcuts Canceled Appointments report to see all appointments that’ve been canceled and have access to the reasons that your team has entered as to why the client canceled.


By giving these six strategies a shot, you’re actively tackling no-shows, boosting your revenue and running your business smoothly in 2024. Get friendly with tech, make salon software your right hand and booking systems to make scheduling a breeze for both you and your clients. Let’s team up and tackle the no-show challenge in 2024 and beyond!

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