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Stock Management 101Webinar

Stock Management 101

Your ability to manage your stock effectively has a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Check out this webinar to learn about the Shortcuts tools that are designed to simplify the process.
March 21, 2016
Set & Forget Marketing 101Webinar

Set & Forget Marketing 101

Watch this webinar to start 2016 with a bang! You'll learn everything you need to know to create targeted, mobile-friendly marketing campaigns that will impress your clients and grow your business year-round.
January 25, 2016
Rebooking 101Webinar

Rebooking 101

Watch this FREE webinar to learn how to make rebooking a focus in your business, and get your clients back in to see time and time again. You’ll learn all the basics to help get you rebookings on track!
November 24, 2015
Set up the Mobile Guest App with ShortcutsWebinar

Set up the Mobile Guest App with Shortcuts

If you're using Shortcuts and you're not sure how to get started with your new Mobile Guest App, this webinar is for you! We’ll delve in deep – you’ll learn all about the Mobile Guest App starting from the basics.
November 9, 2015
Maximise holiday sales with ShortcutsWebinar

Maximise holiday sales with Shortcuts

If you've ever wondered how to maximise your sales over the holidays, check out this FREE webinar. You’ll learn heaps of tips and tricks to elevate your business sales this silly season and every silly season to come!
September 30, 2015
Holiday marketing masterclassWebinar

Holiday marketing masterclass

Do you want to make the 2015 holiday season your most successful yet? Watch our FREE holiday marketing masterclass to learn how you can supercharge your marketing for the holidays and beyond!
September 30, 2015