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Welcome to SMS Bundles!

Ready to slay your marketing and connect with your clients via SMS? Get sending today with our SMS bundles.

What you'll love

With our SMS bundles you can:

  • Save money, since each message is up to 5 cents cheaper
  • Have a combined bundle for your appointment confirmations and marketing
  • Experience a consistent monthly fee so there are no surprise bills
  • Have a no lock-in contract – woo!
  • Experience the same level of business grade service.

How it works

With our simple SMS bundles, you’ll pay a set fee each month for a certain volume of messages (just like your mobile phone plan). SMS bundles are designed to keep your costs down so you can send appointment confirmations, regular targeted campaigns, and once-off blasts through Shortcuts to stay connected to your clients between visits.

The Bundles

We have three cost-effective bundles available and we’ve popped you on to a SMS bundle limit to suit your current send habits and volumes.

The bundles:

  • 200 messages = $29/month. That’s just 15 cents per message!
  • 500 messages = $69/month. That’s just 14 cents per message!
  • 1000 messages = $129/month. That’s just 13 cents per message!

Any messages sent above your bundle limit will be charged in addition, at the bundle rate.

Want to change your bundle? Get in touch!