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Set up ShortcutsPay today!

Get ShortcutsPay set up in your Shortcuts software and pair your terminal device using these simple steps.

Payments, made easy

ShortcutsPay is an integrated, all-in-one solution, designed to make running your business simple. From online, to in-salon payments, get total business visibility and streamline your payments today with ShortcutsPay.

Let Shortcuts take care of the admin of your business, so you can keep doing what you do best. Want to get ShortcutsPay in your business?


How do I process a sale using my ShortcutsPay Terminal?

Processing a sale using your integrated terminal couldn’t be more simple, the integration takes care of room for error. Process a sale through Point of Sale as you normally would, select the credit card payment icon and select process. The transaction amount will automatically transfer from Shortcuts to the terminal, when the terminal will then beep, prompting your client to present their card to the terminal. Payment is taken and then the terminal talks back to shortcuts and finalises your transaction. 

Can I process a refund using my ShortcutsPay Terminal?

If you need to refund a transaction on your ShortcutsPay Terminal, you will need your Admin Passcode handy. You’ll find the passcode in your Ezidebit welcome email.  

Simply process the refund in Shortcuts as usual then select the Card payment type. The refund will transfer to your Terminal for you to enter the passcode, and the client will be prompted to tap their card. If your ShortcutsPay Integration happens to be offline, you can very easily process the refund manually through your ShortcutsPay Terminal by entering the minus refund amount directly into the Terminal. 

What happens if my ShortcutsPay Terminal integration isn’t working but the terminal is still online?

In the event your ShortcutsPay Integration has disconnected, you can process transactions on your Terminal manually. Simply select the TRANS option on your Terminal to find the option to process a transaction entering the $ directly on the terminal. The transaction will show as processed in your Ezidebit Portal. All you need to do in your Shortcuts Point of Sale is to choose Terminal Offline in the Other Payment Types button. This will ensure your Shortcuts balances when you cash up at the end of the day. 

How can I process a MOTO payment and MOTO refund?

Your ShortcutsPay Terminal has the ability to process a cardless transaction. This method of payment is called MOTO. You’ll find the option for MOTO next to the Menu option on your Terminal. When you select MOTO you’ll be prompted to enter the client’s card details, and the transaction amount. In your Shortcuts Point of Sale you’ll chose Terminal Offline/MOTO under the Other button of your payment types.  

If you need to process a transaction that was taken using MOTO, you’ll need to refund it under MOTO. When you select MOTO on your Terminal, choose the Refund option and proceed as you would when taking a transaction. You’ll be prompted to enter your Admin Passcode which was sent to you in your Ezidebit welcome email. 

How do I access a record of the transactions or my settlements that have gone through my ShortcutsPay Terminal?

There is a long-lost little feature that you have already in your Shortcuts system and are already paying for as part of your subscription that could earn you cash money quick smart. It’s a win-win idea designed to generate cash for you, while rewarding your clients when things return to normal (hopefully sooner rather than later!)


Is there a guide I can view if I don't want to watch the videos?

Yep! We created an easy to view guide that summarises all the steps to use your ShortcutsPay Terminal.