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ShortcutsPay Online Payments

Fully Integrated Secure Payments Effortless Client Experience Goodbye No-Shows

ShortcutsPay is a fully-integrated, all-in-one payments solution to make taking payments a breeze. Get total business visibility and streamline your payments today with ShortcutsPay


The Online Payments suite

The future of payments is all about being seamless and efficient transactions for you and your client. Processing payments online before a client’s appointment reduces no-shows and takes the hassle out of card handling and transacting at the front desk. Instead, your client has an Uber-style experience where you can capture a payment before the appointment so your guest can show up, glow up and go. That’s our vision for the future!

Discover our current ShortcutsPay Online Payments features below (more to be added soon! 🤩)

Upfront Payments

Upfront payments will help your business secure that appointment revenue ASAP and ensure your client is way more likely to show up for their appointment. Upfront payments will essentially be an online booking deposit when your clients’ book their appointment online with you. You can choose to charge a partial or full upfront payment for the client to secure their appointment.  

Online Gift Cards

Boost sales and attract new clients to your business through Online Gift Cards! Your client can purchase a gift card directly from your website. Payment is processed instantly and securely, and the gift card will be sent instantly, along with a personal message, to the recipient. They really are the perfect gift.

What you'll love

ShortcutsPay Online Payments is here to make collecting payments from your clients so much easier. You’ll love: 

  • Minimising no-shows
  • Securing revenue with every booking
  • Client card details are securely tokenized
  • And so much more!

Ready for ShortcutsPay Online Payments in your life?

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Please note that online payment transactions will incur a low fee per transaction. The fees for Ezidebit online payments made with Visa/Mastercard is 1.99% + $0.30. The fees for online payments made with Amex is 2.47% + $0.30. All fees are including GST.