This course is designed for Coordinators, by Coordinators, to help you kick some major goals and get the most out of your Shortcuts software.

So many salon and spa Coordinators step into a business and have to learn Shortcuts on the fly. But it’s never too late to get your head around all the different settings and features you need to drive business success.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to learn more about your system and make sure you’re using your Shortcuts investment to its full potential.

The Shortcuts Bootcamp covers everything from getting the most out of your configuration settings and tidying up unwanted content, to how to use the latest and greatest Shortcuts cloud features*.

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Is the Shortcuts Bootcamp for me?

  • Are you COMMITTED to achieving your best?
  • Are you ready to ENHANCE your guest experience?
  • Are you ready to LEARN MORE about your system?
  • Are you a salon or spa COORDINATOR (or in a similar role)?

If you’ve ticked all these boxes, the Shortcuts Bootcamp is perfect for you!

What’s involved?

The Shortcuts Bootcamp includes a comprehensive initial consultation, plus eight hours of fully-tailored Shortcuts front-of-house training. You can whip through it in four days flat, or spread it out over a month. We’ll work at a pace that works for your business.

Session 1: Initial consult
30 minutes | online
A virtual walk through your salon’s system, we’ll use this time to get to know you and listen to some of the challenges you face. After the initial consultation we’ll have a good understanding of how you and the team are using your software, and will be ready to focus on how we can help you improve and grow. We will then book in all the remaining Bootcamp sessions.

Session 2: Configuration
Same day or 3 days after session 1 | 1.5 hours | online
Before we can help your front-of-house truly shine, we need to take care of what’s going on behind the scenes. All of your configuration settings, plus your service, employee, roster and product setup, plays a crucial role in creating a seamless experience for your guests. We’ll leave you with a straightforward homework checklist to help you continue to refine your processes.

Session 3: Cloud features*
1 day to 1 week after session 2 | 1 hour | online
We’ll take you coordinator deep into the Shortcuts Console and teach you how to get it all up and running smoothly, or fine tune what you’ve already got. We’ll set up Online Client Information Cards for you, go through all the related procedures, and help you discover what other tools are available to your business.

Session 4: Front of house
1 day to 1 week after session 3 | 2.5 hours | online or onsite**
In this session we’ll analyse all your day-to-day procedures, comparing them to industry best practices and providing suggestions for improvement. We’ll also show you which reports you can use to help make the rostering process easy. We’ll pass on plenty of tips to help you make bookings and check out your clients more efficiently. We’ll also ensure your the end-of-day process is being followed to a tee.

Session 5: Stock strategy
1 day to 1 week after session 4 | 1 hour | online
This session will take your stock control to the next level. Now you know how to fine-tune your stock configuration settings and levels, and now it’s time to hit play! We’ll ensure that correct stocktake and best-practice stock management processes are in place, and help make ordering and receiving your stock a breeze. This is the end of our formal training, but the learning doesn’t end here! After this session, we’ll leave you with links to all the relevant online lessons, as well as checklist to ensure everything you’ve learned is implemented.

Session 6: Review
2 weeks after session 5 | 1 hour | online or onsite**
We’ll touch base online (or in-salon**) to ensure everything on your checklist has been implemented and is running successfully. We’ll answer your final questions and help you with anything you may not have finished yet.

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, you can sign up for the Shortcuts Bootcamp at the special introductory price of $895 (usually valued at $1195).

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Want to find out more?

Email us at and we’ll answer all your questions about the Shortcuts Bootcamp.

*Exact cloud features will vary depending on which Shortcuts package you are signed up for.
**Onsite option subject to education policy.