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Flash sale of the centuryBlog

Flash sale of the century

We all know there’s nothing like a great discount to motivate people to spend – but when we decided to hold a flash sale for our gift cards, we never would have guessed just how successful we would be.
Fleur Murphy
September 3, 2015
Why no business can survive without techBlog

Why no business can survive without tech

As co-owners and managers of Halo Hair Body Beauty, it’s important that we get our formula for success just right. Our livelihoods depend on it. Like many successful salons, our approach and values are at the heart of our success. We are motivated, driven and genuine in our approach and beliefs, and this is something our staff respond to and our clients see reflected in everything we do. Our focus is on always giving our clients the high-quality experience they deserve, but providing great service isn’t the only thing that affects how well our business performs. We also rely on a range of systems and technologies to help us grow our business and ensure we continue to be profitable. These systems streamline our day-to-day lives and give us clarity around exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are, so that we can make critical decisions about how we run our salon. They provide insights into things like why revenue might have dropped slightly this month, why clients are buying so much product at the moment, or why a particular marketing campaign was a success. When we first opened our doors three…
August 15, 2015
Jen and Sherie share their secretsBlog

Jen and Sherie share their secrets

Business partners, high achievers, and occasional mischief-makers, Jen and Sherie are a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with this dynamic duo for a chat about what makes them tick, and discovered a few little secrets along the way… What is your passion? Jen: There’s nothing that makes me happier than helping women with their self-confidence. Sometimes clients walk in to the salon feeling low, and seeing them walk out just oozing confidence is amazing. Sherie: Oh, Jen stole mine! Personally, I love being able to create an effect with a colour and cut completely transforming the way someone looks. Being able to wow them. I’ve had people tell me, “I didn’t think I could look that good”. What motivates you? Jen: Being able to set goals for the future, and achieve them. At the moment we have some big things on the cards – we want to grow our brand and are even looking at opening a second salon. It’s exciting! Sherie: Jen and I have a very similar dream, and are very particular about what we want and how we want it done. In three short…
August 12, 2015
Introducing the Mobile Guest AppWebinar

Introducing the Mobile Guest App

Ever wished you had your very own mobile app, customised to suit your business? Well, the brand new Shortcuts Mobile Guest App is designed to help you stay connected to your clients and drive revenue for your business.
May 29, 2015
Stop the sting of nasty online reviewsBlog

Stop the sting of nasty online reviews

You’ve heard the story before. A review from an unhappy client seems to pop up everywhere, sending the wrong message about your brand to prospective clients. Read on to learn how you can put an end to negative reviews!
January 21, 2015