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Four thoughts everyone has when choosing salon software

Pia Bruns Oct / 05 / 2018
3 Thoughts Everyone Has When Choosing Salon Software Shortcuts

As our Victorian Sales Manager, Pia is no stranger to the struggle of deciding on new software for your salon, spa, barber shop or clinic. Read on as Pia delves into the four thoughts every business owner has when taking the leap.

But I’m not tech savvy…

One of the biggest fears we all face now (especially with technology changing at the speed of light) is the ‘how the heck will I learn this?’ inner dialogue. I should know, I’m no tech-whiz myself and could provide an embarrassingly long list of examples to prove it.

I do, however, challenge myself to continue developing and learning thanks to the world wide web and endless hours of online tutorials at my fingertips; my cut-crease eye shadow game is more lit than ever, I’ve learned how to solve cold case crimes, and have an unofficial Doctorate in Medicine thanks to Web MD – jokes aside, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Salon software has been developed with you in mind; balayage bosses, fade masters, filler queens – we got you. It’s designed by industry people for industry people!

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A good software system will always offer a strong training plan as an integral part of the journey. Shortcuts has a team of amazing coaches who provide training in-person and online. We are also proud to offer a massive online Learning Centre packed with videos, blogs and case studies to help you make the most of your software. Whichever options you choose, your training is always about ensuring you get the best results possible, so following through with the program is key.

Is my business too small?

Let’s be real for a moment, a huge part of any salon, spa or barber shop’s success comes from building a strong foundation and support structure to help you work on your business, not in it. Big or small, you’ve worked hard to establish a winning brand and reputation, as well as loyal clientele – the hard part is already done! Why wouldn’t you invest in your future success?

The perfect way to do that is through salon software. It doesn’t matter if you’re super established and looking to streamline your business or a one-man band ready to smash your goals, making the decision to invest in a great software system will set you up to reap the rewards for years to come.

I get to work with salon owners from all areas, age groups, and industries who are all at different stages of their business journey – no two are ever the same which is what I love most about my job!

What if it’s not the right fit?

It’s like anything I suppose, there are so many incredible options and features available today to get your business on lock. You’ve got everything from your Passion Pop right up to your Veuve – different yes, but the game is very much the same. No one size fits all when it comes to salon software so it’s important to consider what you really want and get inspired!

Maybe you want to go ultra Gen Y using tablets, SMS confirmations, and 24/7 Online Booking? Maybe you want to take a holiday and have your business at your fingertips through the magic of the cloud? You might want to revolutionise the way you communicate with your clients through clever marketing campaigns or your own mobile app? Or maybe you just crave the sweet satisfaction of knowing your fancy appointment book is working for you, day and night?

Whatever your goals, there’s a ride or die system out there for you!

What happens to my data?

We get it… this is a real concern. You don’t want to lose access to your client data, or worse, risk someone else getting their hands on it! The beauty of Shortcuts is that it harnesses the best of both worlds to give you the flexibility of cloud technology with the security of installed software. You can rest assured that whatever happens, you will always have a copy of your data right where you can see it, on your salon computer. We also offer automatic off-site backups as standard on our Evolve and Elevate packages.

Want to know more? Lets have a chat.

Pia Bruns
Pia Bruns
Pia is obsessed with all things hair and beauty. When she's not binging on reality TV with a sheet mask on, you can find her bouncing between salons around Melbourne helping businesses find the right software for them. Want to chat? You can get in touch with her here.

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