IMPORTANT: Before you get started, you will need to create a Xero account if you don’t already have one. Click here to visit the Xero website and create an account.

Xero Link Overview

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Xero Link overview

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Xero Link only available in Australia? 

The Shortcuts link with Xero only supports Australian tax at the moment. If there is a high demand for the Xero link in other regions, of course we will look at expanding it further down the track to support the different accounting and tax requirements in those areas. Stay tuned!

Why do my tax figures differ slightly between Shortcuts Fusion and Xero? 

Xero calculates tax itself, so you may notice slight differences in tax figures between your Xero account and Shortcuts. This is completely normal and most likely something you are used to dealing with if you already upload summaries into Xero, so don’t stress!

To give you a better idea, Shortcuts calculates tax on every line in every sale. In reports, Shortcuts adds up the tax components from each line. Since Xero only holds a single total of each item type per day, it calculates the tax from a much larger number, so there can be minor differences in the rounding. 

Still curious? Chat to your accountant or bookkeeper about minor differences in tax figures. If there are significant problems with tax, first check your accounts are mapped properly in the Xero Link mapping screen, and double-check your Chart of Accounts within Xero have the right tax settings. If there are still a few baffling differences, please feel free to contact Shortcuts Helpdesk for more help.

Does Xero Link cater for my tax exempt services or products too? 

Yep! Xero Link will pin-point if a service or product is marked as tax exempt and will upload to Xero accordingly. Xero will then calculate the relevant tax for you. Easy, right?

Does Xero Link upload my expenses too, or just sales summaries?

At the moment, Xero Link only uploads sales summaries. The top-left and top-right sections of the Trading Summary should match what you see in your Xero invoice and bank account payments.

Xero Link doesn’t upload petty cash expenses or cash movements which is why the Xero Cash payment may not match the ‘Banking’ figure in the End of Day Till Balance report if you have cash movements or expenses on a particular day. We may look at including expenses into Xero Link in the future if this is something you’d love to see!