Wild Life Hair

The power couple behind Wild Life Hair, Jayne Wild and Gary Latham have faced more than their fair share of challenges.

Their success story has been shaped by their constant optimism in spite of serious illness, and the result is a thriving salon that cares deeply for its people.

Wild Life Hair Salon success story

Wild Life Hair is a multi-award winning salon offering a breathtakingly beautiful, yet uniquely personal experience. Quintessentially Sydney, the salon overlooks the harbour bridge, and its passionate team leads the way in providing outstanding service to their loyal guests.

“My Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis has driven my career. It made me realise you have to live every day, and it’s why I have pushed myself so much.

“Then when Gary was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, we just made the choice that we needed to get on with it.

“You can’t change it, so you’ve got to deal with it.”

– Jayne Wild, Co-owner, Wild Life Hair

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“Wild Life has always been about people, and Shortcuts helps us to humanise our business. It’s technology with heart.”

– Gary Latham, Co-owner, Wild Life Hair

“Be true to yourself. Do what’s in your heart and in your head, don’t do it for other people.”

– Jayne Wild, Co-owner, Wild Life Hair

“Jayne and I are yin and yang, we are complementary opposites with the same core values. It’s why we work together so well.”

– Gary Latham, Co-owner, Wild Life Hair