Fess up!

In their former lives as stylists, beauty therapists and product reps, the Shorties team has experienced all the highs and lows the industry has to offer… and they have a few confessions to make.

Watch as the Shortcuts team shares their most cringe-worthy memories and spill some secrets about the new Shortcuts features that are supposed to be hush-hush!

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“When I opened my first salon at 21 I had no idea what I was doing. Staffing was the biggest issue for me then and it’s still an issue today.”

– Joanna Burgess, Co-Founder & VP of Evolution

I once left a client to get ready for a spray tan and returned to the room to find she had put the disposable G-string on her head!”

– Maria Reeve, Shortcuts Coach

One of the most important parts of building relationships with our clients is going on the journey with them.”

– Craig Geerssen, Sales Manager, Australia