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Branded Mobile Guest App

Introducing the branded Mobile Guest App from Shortcuts, taking customisation to the next level and making it easy for your guests to find you in the app store.

Your salon in the palm of their hand

The Mobile Guest App is designed to help you connect with your clients by putting your business in the palm of their hand. Packed with easy-to-use features that suit both single- and multi-site businesses, it will revolutionise the way you engage with your guests.

It gives guests the power to book with you in an instant, manage their appointments and even make a part or full payment, no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

Tailored to suit your brand

The branded Mobile Guest App is completely tailored to suit you and your branding. We’ll customise it with your specific colours, logo, and photos, and you can even pick and choose which features you would like to include.

It’s easier than ever for your guests to find you thanks to our “branded” option. Clients – and potential clients – can search for your business name in the app store, then immediately download and access your app. Your logo and business name will appear on the home screen of their phone, so they’ll be reminded of your business when they look at their phone.

Stay connected with your guests

Let clients book online

Take upfront payments

Increase guest loyalty